Debunking the top 5 horticultural business insurance myths

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Operating a horticultural business comes with distinctive challenges and risks, such as weather-related crop damage or potential harm arising from plants or products. To mitigate these industry-specific risks, many horticultural business owners opt for specialized insurance tailored to their business needs. However, some owners may still have reservations.

Regrettably, concerns regarding specialized insurance have given rise to myths, misconceptions, and misinformation, particularly related to:

  • Pricing
  • Policy complexity
  • Provider credibility

We’ll debunk the myths surrounding these topics and unveil the genuine advantages of customized horticultural insurance for your business.

Icon of a greenhouse and trees Icon of a greenhouse and trees

Commercial property

You can customize your commercial property insurance coverage based on your buildings, equipment, inventory, income, and other exposures.
Icon of a road with trees Icon of a road with trees

Commercial auto

Commercial auto insurance can help cover losses related to accidents that happen when you're using a vehicle for your business.
Icon of flowers over a shield Icon of flowers over a shield

General liability

Liability insurance can help you protect your business if someone is injured at your location, or if you sell a product that is defective and causes injury or property damage.
Icon of two buildings and a money symbol Icon of two buildings and a money symbol

Professional liability

Protect your business from executive risks, errors and omissions claims, and guarantee bonds.
Medical ID card icon Medical ID card icon

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage can help cover medical and related expenses for your employees who are injured while working.
Icon of rain on an umbrella Icon of rain on an umbrella

Umbrella coverage

It provides an extra layer of coverage that can help protect your business in the event of a catastrophic liability loss or a major judgment against you or your company.

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Benefit of a specialized insurance provider

Horticulture is unique field within a flourishing industry, and not everyone knows what it takes for your business to grow and thrive. But your business insurance provider absolutely should.

A specialized insurer understands the ins and outs of the industry they serve. This focus creates advantages for the insured including a depth of industry-specific expertise, customized coverages for your specific business, access to a network of professionals across the country, and superior claims support.

Employee using greenhouse hose to water flowers Employee using greenhouse hose to water flowers
Hortica®  is a brand of the Sentry Insurance Group. Since 1887, we've helped protect horticultural businesses like yours across the United States. Our agents are dedicated solely to supporting and protecting horticultural businesses. We'll help protect you, your business, and your employees.

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