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General liability insurance

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What is it?

Explaining general liability insurance coverage

Protecting your business from the unexpected

Every industry faces unique liability risks, and horticulture is no different. Our knowledge and experience in insuring horticultural operations lets us help protect your business from a wide variety of risks through general liability insurance.

A general liability insurance policy covers losses to non-employees caused by your services, business operations, or employees. It also covers losses due to negligence that harmed someone else or their property. Coverage options include product liability and cyber liability. 

Our ability to provide general liability insurance while speaking the language of the horticultural world can give you peace of mind. Recognizing what can affect your bottom line can help us work with you more efficiently to protect it—giving you more time and confidence to grow your business.

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Property damage coverage

If your business often requires you to be on-site at a customer’s property, odds are, the work you do does come with some hazards and risks. You’ll want coverage for property and casualty damage you're legally responsible for.

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Chemical application coverage

Applying pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals is a task of many horticultural businesses. You can protect your business from risks like chemical drift, accidents while transporting chemicals, or damage caused when spraying yours or a customer's property.

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Product protection coverage

Once your product leaves your business, it’s out of your control. From allergies to accidental ingestion or a defect in design, general liability insurance covers you and your assets if someone is injured or something is damaged by your product.

General liability FAQs

General liability insurance can help cover claims involving injuries and property damage and provides protection for judgments if you’re responsible for causing property damage or bodily injury.

General liability coverage applies to several risks, including:

  • Bodily injury to others for which you are legally responsible

  • Property damage to property of others for which you are legally responsible

  • Property damage caused by your product or your work, products, or completed work

Cost depends on the type of policy you have and its coverage limits. We’ll work with you to make sure you have the proper commercial business liability coverage.

Who needs it?

How do you know if you need general liability insurance?

Protect your business from uncertainties

As a horticultural business, you face risks ranging from employment issues to mistakes made on the job. Daily tasks can lead to injuries for your customers or other non-employees. When dealing with heavy machinery and delicate products, property damage control must be weighed daily. And then there's the uncommon risks: use of chemical, liquor liability, and transportation hazards, to name a few.

How it works

General liability protects in several ways

Protection for you, your company, and employees

You want to be sure that your company and employees are protected. Liability insurance protects you and your assets if someone or something is harmed because of your business operations.

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Protection if customers are injured

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Protection from mistakes made when planning a job

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Protection for your company if an employee sues

Why choose Hortica

Insurance tailored to the horticultural industry

Count on our stability, service, and experience

Since 1887, we’ve provided insurance policy solutions for horticultural businesses. We understand the unique needs of the industry and offer specific products and services for: 

  • Garden center

  • Greenhouse grower

  • Landscaper and plantscaper

  • Nursery or sod farm

  • Retail/wholesale/event florist

Why Hortica

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