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Explaining commercial property insurance

We offer unique solutions for a unique industry

Regardless of your business type, every company faces unique risks. We believe you should be able to customize your property insurance to deal with an unexpected property loss—whether it’s from fire, storm damage, theft, or breakdowns. We’re here to help keep you protected, while avoiding the cost of coverage you don’t need. Here's some of what can be covered under a commercial property insurance policy:

Inside of greenhouse Inside of greenhouse Inside of greenhouse

Buildings and greenhouses

Your buildings and real estate are important to your business and its success. That’s why you need property loss protection. Should your commercial building or other structures be damaged or destroyed by a covered property loss, we’ll help you cover the cost, repair, and rebuild.

multiple flowers multiple flowers multiple flowers

Crops, stock, and inventory

Your crop is your livelihood. Protect your future after storm damage, natural disasters, or a breakdown of a climate-controlled building. You can even protect your future income if you can’t plant your next crop due to damage.

A man riding a John Deere tractor A man riding a John Deere tractor A man riding a John Deere tractor

Equipment breakdown protection

When equipment breaks down, it can mean weeks of lost productivity. This coverage can help reduce your costs and get you back to work sooner.

Man talking on a phone while inside a greenhouse Man talking on a phone while inside a greenhouse Man talking on a phone while inside a greenhouse

Business income

Unexpected property damage shouldn’t result in you losing income. We can help keep your business going as you recover from property damage.

Commercial property FAQs

  • What is commercial property insurance?

    Commercial property insurance can help cover the buildings or structures you identify in the declarations, along with any completed additions to those buildings or structures.

  • What does commercial property insurance cover?

    Commercial property coverage applies to not only buildings and greenhouses, but the equipment contained in those structures—including boilers, generators, coolers, benching systems, irrigation equipment, heat retention curtain systems, and environmental control computers.

  • How much does commercial property insurance cost?

    Cost depends on the type of policy you have and its coverage limits. We’ll work with you to make sure you have the proper commercial business liability coverage.

Who needs it?

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Why you need commercial property insurance

Protect your business from uncertainties

The buildings, tools, and equipment you rely on every day—from crops and growing equipment to computers and machinery—are an important part of your industry. That’s why these types of coverage are so important, since it can help you avoid being stuck with the bill if you need to repair or replace your damaged property.

How it works

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Commercial property insurance protects in several ways

A variety of coverages for a variety of risks

You want to be sure your company and employees are shielded from hazards. We can help protect what’s most important to you.

Icon of a greenhouse and thunder storm cloud

Fire and weather damage

Icon of a lock

Theft and vandalism

Icon of a wheel

Equipment breakdown

Why choose Hortica?

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Insurance tailored to the horticultural industry

Count on our stability, service, and experience

Since 1887, we’ve provided insurance policy solutions for horticultural businesses. We understand the unique needs of the industry and offer specific products and services for: 

  • Garden center
  • Greenhouse grower
  • Landscaper and plantscaper
  • Nursery or sod farm
  • Retail/wholesale/event florist

Need insurance now?

We’ll help you find the right coverage.

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