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HOMS - Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance

Unexpected property loss or damage is almost inevitable—whether it’s from fire, storm damage, theft, or breakdowns. You can customize your commercial property insurance coverage based on your buildings, equipment, inventory, income, and other exposures.

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HOMS - GenLiability 150PX 600

General liability insurance

Lawsuits following slips, trips, and falls are a significant threat to your bottom line and reputation. Liability insurance can help you protect your business if someone is injured at your location, or if you sell a product that is defective and causes injury or property damage. It can also include cyber liability coverage to help protect against losses if your customer data and financial records are compromised.

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HOMS - WorkComp 150PX 600

Workers' compensation coverage

Protecting your employees after an on-the-job injury is important. So is protecting your business from litigation. Workers’ compensation coverage can help cover medical and related expenses for your employees who are injured while working.

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HOMS - ComAuto 150PX 600

Commercial auto insurance

Deliveries and transporting equipment are typical day-to-day activities for horticultural businesses. If your employees get into an accident during work-related activities, your business can be sued for damages. Commercial auto insurance can help cover losses related to accidents that happen when you're using a vehicle for your business.

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HOMS - Umbrella 150PX 600

Umbrella coverage

This optional coverage picks up where your standard liability policy coverage ends. It provides an extra layer of coverage that can help protect your business in the event of a catastrophic liability loss or a major judgment against you or your company.

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Professional liability insurance

Protect your business from executive risks, errors and omissions claims, and guarantee bonds. We have coverages specific to your business.

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Personal insurance

Your own home and vehicle also need insurance protection. Our insurance agency, Florists' Insurance Service, Inc., makes it easy and convenient to get insurance policies and coverages that go beyond horticultural business insurance.

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Custom insurance for your business

Nursery and sod farm, greenhouse grower, or something else? Tell us about your business and we’ll find you the insurance coverage you’re looking for.

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Are we going to get through this? This is big. Luckily, with Hortica insurance, we quickly realized we’re going to be alright.."
Jim, ownerTimbuk Farms
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Protecting your business

We offer a full range of horticultural business insurance services. From quick claims service to providing safety checks of your business, we’re here to help with risk management and to insure your biggest investment.

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Superior claims coverage

When you have an open claim, be assured that our claims team made up of industry specialists will handle it accurately and efficiently.

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Safety services

Our safety services specialists will help you identify hazards, manage your risk, and aid in keeping your company and your employees safe.

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Financial strength

As a brand of the Sentry Insurance Group, Hortica is part of one of the most financially secure mutual insurance companies in the U.S.

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