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What is it?
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Explaining business umbrella liability insurance

Providing extra liability protection when it’s needed

We understand the challenges and risks you face in the horticultural industry and what it takes to protect a successful business. We also know that insurance protection might need a boost at times to cover medical expenses or to cover employers’ liability claims.

Our business umbrella policy is designed to provide excess liability coverage in the event of a huge judgment against you or your company. While it’s optional, we highly recommended it to protect your business in the event of a catastrophic liability loss.

It’s just one more way we can help ensure the continued success of your business, help cover your investment, and aid in ensuring the livelihood of your employees and protection of your assets.

Commercial umbrella insurance FAQs

Who needs it?

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Do you need umbrella liability coverage?

Get protected against expensive judgments

General liability insurance covers you if there’s ever an accident on the jobsite, at the store, or on the road. But what happens if the damages you face are greater than your liability policy limits? Paying the remaining balance could drastically impact your business’ bottom line. Commercial umbrella liability insurance picks up when you reach your standard liability limits.

Our understanding of the horticultural industry allows us to provide umbrella insurance that helps protect your business and leave you with one less thing to worry about. Let us help give you an extra layer of protection with commercial umbrella liability coverage.

How it works

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Umbrella liability provides an extra layer of coverage

Picks up where other coverages leave off

It’s something you hope never happens—a customer gets hurt as the result of your work or your product. Lawsuit judgments may leave you owing a lot of money. While your business insurance will cover as much as the policy allows, it’s not enough. If there’s a balance, you’ll still have to pay. That’s where umbrella liability insurance comes in.
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Extra protection if an employee or customer gets hurt

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Extra coverage for a serious motor vehicle crash

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Extra protection if there’s a large court judgment against you

Why choose Hortica?

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Insurance tailored to the horticultural industry

Count on our stability, service, and experience

Since 1887, we’ve provided insurance policy solutions for horticultural businesses. We understand the unique needs of the industry and offer specific products and services for: 

  • Garden center
  • Greenhouse grower
  • Landscaper and plantscaper
  • Nursery or sod farm
  • Retail/wholesale/event florist

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