Safety strategies for your garden center

Added June 23, 2023
Wet floor sign in a greenhouse

Your garden center and greenhouse are places people come to enjoy the beauty of plants and indulge their love of gardening. However, these facilities can introduce their share of safety hazards—from heavy equipment and inventory-filled racks to wet surfaces and cluttered walkways.

Taking a proactive stance on safety not only helps safeguard your customers and employees from accidents and injuries—it can help protect your business’s bottom line.

Preventing slips and falls

To help reduce your slip-and-fall risk at your garden center, prioritize daily maintenance and housekeeping, including:

Keep floors clean and dry
Address spills immediately
Use mats or other non-slip surfaces in areas where water is likely to be present
Repair any uneven or cracked surfaces
Clear walkways of boxes, tools, and equipment—even hanging baskets, which take focus off the floor
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A hypothetical slip and fall injury example

On a rainy day, visitors and employees at a garden center tracked water and mud onto an uncarpeted retail area. An employee walking across the retail area slipped and fell on the wet surface, resulting in injuries to her hip and shoulder, as well as closed-head trauma.

She suffered permanent partial disability to her hip and shoulder, requiring significant medical treatment. Healing problems resulted in a 25 percent disability rating, and her head injury led to a cognitive deficiency that prevented her from returning to her position. Between medical, disability, and retraining expenses, total costs for this case exceeded $825,000. The business also incurred uninsured costs for elevated insurance premiums, negative public image, and a punitive jury award.

The investigation identified gaps in maintenance of the tile flooring. The floor coverings routinely became oversaturated during wet weather, but the business had no procedures in place to change them as needed. Additionally, the business hadn’t taken steps to remind employees to wear proper footwear during wet weather.

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Umbrella liability insurance matters

No matter what safety procedures you have in place, accidents can still happen. Get an extra layer of protection for your business with umbrella insurance.

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