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What is it?

Explaining commercial auto insurance

The road can be an unpredictable place

Whether you have one delivery vehicle, manage a fleet of work trucks, or transport equipment from one site to another, we have commercial auto insurance coverage to help protect your company. 

Commercial auto insurance helps cover any vehicles you own, rent, or lease. It also provides protection if you or your employees drive their own vehicles for business purposes or drive company cars for business and personal purposes.

We realize that different driving tasks need different auto policy coverages. We’ll get to know your business and offer you the best automobile insurance options—from bodily injury, medical expenses, and property damage to uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Our ability to provide business liability coverage and commercial auto insurance while understanding the risks you face in the horticultural industry can help give you peace of mind, letting you focus on growing your business.

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Bodily injury liability

If there’s an accident and another driver, passenger, or pedestrian is hurt or killed, and you or your employee are responsible, it may mean a big legal judgment against your company. This coverage helps provide protection for your business.

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Property damage

If you or one of your drivers damages someone else’s property, you’ll want liability coverage that protects you and your company. Property damage is there to help if one of your drivers is found liable for the accident.

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Comprehensive auto coverage

There’s always a chance that one of your vehicles could be damaged while out on a jobsite or even when parked at your business. Comprehensive car insurance helps cover damage caused by something other than a crash—like falling limbs, hail, and even fire.

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Collision auto coverage

Your vehicles spend a lot of time out on the road, leading to the risk of an accident. Collision auto insurance helps cover damage to your vehicle when you hit (or are hit by) another vehicle, or if your vehicle collides with a fixed object.

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Uninsured/underinsured motorist

You work to make sure your business vehicles are insured, but not all drivers do the same. Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage helps with expenses that would’ve been paid by the at-fault driver who doesn’t have enough or no insurance.

Commercial auto insurance FAQs

Commercial auto insurance is required in most states. It applies to vehicles you own, those you rent, or if you allow employees to drive their personal vehicles on company business. It helps cover bodily injury, property damage, collision, and comprehensive claims.

This insurance can help protect you against liability incurred as a result of an accident involving one of your drivers or vehicles. Coverages include:

  • Bodily injuries

  • Property damage

  • Comprehensive

  • Collision

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist

  • Medical payments

Cost depends on the type of policy you have and its coverage limits. Other factors include:

  • The year, make, model, weight, use, and radius of the operations of your vehicles

  • Claims you filed in the past

  • Your drivers and their driving records

We’ll work with you to help determine the proper commercial business liability coverage for your company.

Who needs a commercial auto policy?

Understanding the importance of commercial auto insurance

Certain protection for uncertain roads

On-the-road tasks are a big part of your horticultural business. But all that day-to-day driving increases the risk of accidents that can lead to personal injury or property damage. Whether you need standard coverages like liability, collision, and comprehensive, or if you need something extra, we’ll work with you to help determine the commercial auto coverage that’s best suited to your business.

How it works

A commercial auto policy protects in several ways

The right coverage for your business

Delivering flowers, hauling sod, transporting equipment—there are many reasons why you need to send your employees out on the road. All of them require the proper protection. Commercial auto insurance protects your vehicle and your assets if someone is injured or something is damaged as a result of the work you do.

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Getting hurt in an accident

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Damaging others’ property

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Paying medical bills

Why choose Hortica?

Insurance tailored to the horticultural industry

Count on our stability, service, and experience

Since 1887, we’ve provided insurance policy solutions for horticultural businesses. We understand the unique needs of the industry and offer specific products and services for: 

  • Garden center

  • Greenhouse grower

  • Landscaper and plantscaper

  • Nursery or sod farm

  • Retail/wholesale/event florist

Why Hortica

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