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Advocating for the floral and horticultural industry

We don’t just provide insurance coverage. We also offer you our knowledge and experience from across the industry. We specialize in serving horticultural businesses and building partnerships.
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Giving back

We’re proud to support research, scholarships, and industry innovations, while partnering with a number of national and state associations.
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Loss control

We have a variety of loss control and safety resource materials tailored to help you have a safer and more successful business.
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We offer a variety of insurance products and services that’ll help protect your income, your business, your employees, and your future.
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Business tips

10 Mother’s Day marketing tips for your floral business

These top 10 marketing tips can help your floral business maximize its Mother’s Day sales success. Use your creativity to outshine your competition.
Business tips

Protect Your Bottom Line: Your Business Insurance Renewal Guide

Ready to renew your business insurance? There are many details to consider—especially if changes have occurred to or within your operations. To help protect your bottom line, consider these questions when renewing your policy.

Insurance for horticulture and floriculture businesses

Our insurance solutions address your horticulture or floriculture business’s unique risk exposures. In this guide, we explain what makes these fields unique and how you can benefit from our industry experience.
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