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Professional liability insurance coverage

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What is it?

Explaining professional liability insurance

Helping protect your business from on-the-job risks

Professional liability insurance is coverage designed to protect you against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions on the job. These kinds of policies cover financial losses suffered by your customer. Here are some examples:

  • You draw up plans for a deck and the builder constructed it according to the plan. But because the design was defective, the deck collapsed and people were injured.

  • Your computer access to customer accounts, payment information, and inventory is cut off and held for ransom.

  • You face employee accusations of wrongful termination, unfair hiring practices, sexual harassment, or racial discrimination.

Our professional liability insurance provides coverage for these kinds of losses caused during the operation of your business. We offer a broad range of liability coverages, including employee benefits liability, cyber liability, directors and officers coverage (D&O), and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. We’ll work with you and get to know your business so we can help determine the special liability protection coverages you need to help protect your business.

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Cyber liability insurance

Our cyber liability coverage protects you from claims resulting from the unintended release of confidential customer or employee information. The horticultural world works with natural products, but if you buy or sell online, maintain electronic records, or depend on technology to run your business, it's essential to have cyber liability coverage.

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Employment practices liability insurance

Employment practices liability coverage provides protection from employment acts such as wrongful discharge or allegations of sexual discrimination. Because horticultural work can also take place at customer locations, there's additional risk in places where you have limited oversight.

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Employee benefits liability insurance

You work to provide your employees a strong benefit plan, but it can sometimes be complicated, and mistakes may happen. Our employee benefits liability insurance policy offers protection from any negligence claim alleging errors in the administration of employee benefit plans such as health insurance or retirement funds—including covering the cost to defend against lawsuits.

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Landscape design errors and omissions coverage

You do your best to come up with the best landscaping plan possible. However, on the job, the unexpected may happen. Whether it’s property damage from overweight earth-moving equipment or mis-measured bricks or pavers, landscape design errors and omissions insurance can protect you from oversights. This coverage is for damage claims arising from design or consulting errors. Defense expenses are included within the limits of the insurance coverage.

Professional liability insurance FAQs

Professional liability insurance can help cover the risk of having the quality of your work challenged in court and the exposure of an expensive judgement, possibly placing your company and personal assets at risk.

This insurance can help protect you against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions on the job. Coverages include:

  • Employee benefits liability

  • Cyber liability

  • Directors and officers liability

Cost depends on the type of policy you have and its coverage limits. We’ll work with you to make sure you have the proper commercial business liability coverage.

Who needs it?

Professional liability insurance can help cover uncertainties

Protect what’s important to you

Depending on your line of work, you likely have risks that are unique to your operation. Often, horticultural companies are diversified, and some change with the seasons. That’s why we’ll work with you and get to know your business so we can help determine if you need any special type of insurance coverage to help protect your business.

How it works

Professional liability insurance covers in several ways

Get peace of mind knowing you’re covered

You may depend on your directors, executives, managers, and field supervisors to lead your horticultural business to success. But serving in those roles places business leaders at risk and exposes them to negligence allegations of making improper management decisions or of breaching their fiduciary responsibilities. 

One option for risk management is directors and officers (D&O) insurance. It’s errors or omissions insurance for executives and is one of the many professional liability insurance coverages we offer to help protect you from a damaging lawsuit.

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Protect your company from benefit plan errors

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Protect your company from employee lawsuits

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Protect your critical business information from hackers

Why choose Hortica?

Insurance tailored to the horticultural industry

Count on our stability, service, and experience

Since 1887, we’ve provided insurance policy solutions for horticultural businesses. We understand the unique needs of the industry and offer specific products and services for: 

  • Garden center

  • Greenhouse grower

  • Landscaper and plantscaper

  • Nursery or sod farm

  • Retail/wholesale/event florist

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Lawsuits following slips, trips, and falls are a significant threat to your bottom line and reputation. Liability insurance can help you protect your business if someone is injured at your location, or if you sell a product that is defective and causes injury or property damage. It can also include cyber liability coverage to help protect against losses if your customer data and financial records are compromised.

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Deliveries and transporting equipment are typical day-to-day activities for horticultural businesses. If your employees get into an accident during work-related activities, your business can be sued for damages. Commercial auto insurance can help cover losses related to accidents that happen when you're using a vehicle for your business.

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