Florists insurance

We can help protect the flower shop business you've built

Florist insurance
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We're here to help you protect your growing florist business

Find business insurance coverage options you can rely on

You count on keeping your florist shop operating at its best. As a small business owner, there's always the concern over losing your fresh product, having property damage to your flower shop, bodily injury to a customer, or a work-related injury for an employee. We can help protect you against those things with florist business insurance.

With more than 135 years of experience in the horticultural and floral industries, we understand the risks businesses like yours face, allowing us to help you with quick, quality claims resolution and safety services to help protect your livelihood.

“Hortica has been a wonderful company to work with. Excellent experience every time I’ve needed to reach out with questions.”

Nancy, customer
Southborough, Massachusetts

Understanding the risks

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Insuring your floral operation

Not sure what type of insurance is beneficial for your retail floral shop? Consider common risk factors like perishable inventory and potential liabilities when choosing coverages.


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The flower shop insurance coverage policy you need

Retail florist insurance plays a major role in helping support the financial well-being of your business

Property insurance is just the beginning of our business insurance coverage. We can help you protect your investment, covering your employees, customers, equipment, plants, and inventory. In the event of a catastrophe or disruption, florist insurance can play a large role in your business’s recovery success.
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Umbrella coverage

This optional coverage picks up where your standard liability policy coverage ends. It provides an extra layer of coverage that can help protect your business in the event of a catastrophic liability loss or a major judgment against you or your company.

More insurance coverages

These are just some of the insurance coverages we offer. Connect with an agent to learn more.

Florist insurance FAQs

  • What is florist insurance?

    Florist insurance is designed to help protect your business income and workers—whether the majority of your sales are from wire services or walk-in customers, you own your building or rent, or you have multiple designers or are a one-person florist shop.

  • What are the biggest liability risks for florists?

    Loss of inventory, property damage, delivery accidents, and workplace liability are some of the biggest risks you face. Proper insurance coverage can help protect your business from financial dangers and professional indemnity.

  • How much does florist insurance cost?

    Cost will depend on the type of coverage you need and the amount limits it covers. We'll work with you to find the right kind of flower shop insurance and create a customized insurance plan for your business.

How Hortica helps

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What makes Hortica different

Industry knowledge sets us apart

Our coverages aren’t just standard insurance products—they’re wrapped with reliable expertise, service, and support. We’ve exclusively served the horticultural and floral industries for more than 135 years. We have the experience and knowledge to assess risks businesses like yours face, and offer crop insurance for plants you grow and maintain within climate-controlled areas. So, you can set your passion free—we’ll be there helping you protect your business.
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The responsiveness from our contact personnel has been exceptional. Prompt, efficient, and thorough. Very pleased with the frequent notices provided with all the great tips! It’s so very obvious this company knows our business and industry well.

Jamie, customer

St. Peters, Missouri

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