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Nursery/sod farm insurance
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Whether your specialty is growing stock nursery plants or installing sod, we want to use our more than 135 years of experience in the horticultural industry to help you protect your nursery business or sod farm. From transportation accidents to equipment theft and work-related injuries, we provide customized coverage and safety services to help protect you and your employees.
“Being the only insurance company solely dedicated to the horticulture industry brings peace of mind knowing they fully understand our business.”
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Property insurance is just the beginning of what we offer. We can help you protect your investment and the future of your business. From liability coverage to personal insurance, we have a variety of products to help ensure your future success.

Nursery or sod farm insurance FAQs

  • What is nursery or sod farm insurance?

    Nursery or sod farm insurance is designed to help protect your business whether you grow in the field containers, sell bare root stock or fully rooted plant material, brand your own sod, provide installation services or sell direct or through distributors.

  • What are the biggest risks for nurseries and sod farms?

    Crop losses, equipment damage, theft, and jobsite accidents are some of the biggest risks you’ll face. Proper insurance coverage can help protect your business from financial dangers.

  • How much does nursery or sod farm insurance cost?

    Cost will depend on the type of coverage and limits it covers. We’ll work with you to find the right kind of insurance and create a customized insurance plan for your business.

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From the beginning of the insurance quote process, you’ll learn Hortica is here to serve you. Our understanding of your business and its operation ensures you get the proper coverage and quick repairs if there’s ever a claim.

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