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Garden centers

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You count on keeping your garden center operating at its fullest - especially during your high seasons. Count on us to help protect your business with appropriate coverages and service. We have more than 135 years of experience exclusively serving the horticultural industry.

We know how to help protect you, your garden center, and your employees:

  • In the greenhouse

  • On the road

  • On the jobsite

  • In your retail store

  • Online

"I feel Hortica knows the greenhouse floral industry better than any other insurance company and has always given me excellent coverage at a very good price."

Mark, customer
Redmond, Washington
Knowing the hazards

Garden center risk exposures

We know the potential hazards you face

Whether you’re a single-location independent, family-owned garden center, or have multiple locations with separate growing and retail facilities, you face similar risks every single day.

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Storm damage

Every nursery and garden center faces the threat of severe weather, including hail, lightning, high winds, and tornadoes. And, depending on where you are, there's the danger of hurricanes and heavy snow. We'll be there when damage happens and to help you minimize losses.

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Crop losses

Whether it's flowers, plants, or vegetables, your greenhouse crops could be put in jeopardy if a climate control system fails. We offer coverage for plants grown in climate-controlled structures. We can also help protect your future crop income if you can't plant due to damage.

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Equipment breakdown

Most garden centers own expensive equipment including tractors, watering systems, heating and cooling units, and other vital equipment. When equipment breaks down, it can mean weeks of lost productivity. We can help you reduce your costs and get back to work sooner.

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Slips, trips, and falls

Slips, trips, and falls are just some of the hazards your employees face each day on the job. We'll work with you to reduce hazardous conditions to help prevent losses through inspections, engineering efforts, and training.

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Customer liability

On-site sales are important at a garden center. So is making sure your customers stay safe while shopping. We can help you analyze your risks and find the type of insurance coverage that's right for you.

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Theft of nursery equipment is one of the most common losses garden centers experience. You may think you’ve protected your equipment, but thieves are resourceful. If they do manage to steal something, we can help you cover the cost of a replacement.


Key coverages for your garden center

We offer appropriate coverage options for you

Property insurance is just the beginning of our business insurance coverage. We can help you protect your investment, covering your employees, customers, equipment, plants, and inventory. In the event of a catastrophe or disruption, garden center insurance can play a large role in your business’s recovery success.

HOMS - Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance

Unexpected property loss or damage is almost inevitable—whether it’s from fire, storm damage, theft, or breakdowns. You can customize your commercial property insurance coverage based on your buildings, equipment, inventory, income, and other exposures.

Guide to commercial property
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General liability insurance

Lawsuits following slips, trips, and falls are a significant threat to your bottom line and reputation. Liability insurance can help you protect your business if someone is injured at your location, or if you sell a product that is defective and causes injury or property damage. It can also include cyber liability coverage to help protect against losses if your customer data and financial records are compromised.

Guide to general liability
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Commercial auto insurance

Deliveries and transporting equipment are typical day-to-day activities for horticultural businesses. If your employees get into an accident during work-related activities, your business can be sued for damages. Commercial auto insurance can help cover losses related to accidents that happen when you're using a vehicle for your business.

Guide to commercial auto
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Workers' compensation coverage

Protecting your employees after an on-the-job injury is important. So is protecting your business from litigation. Workers’ compensation coverage can help cover medical and related expenses for your employees who are injured while working.

Guide to workers' compensation
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Umbrella coverage

This optional coverage picks up where your standard liability policy coverage ends. It provides an extra layer of coverage that can help protect your business in the event of a catastrophic liability loss or a major judgment against you or your company.

Guide to umbrella coverage

More insurance coverages

These are just some of the insurance coverages we offer. Connect with an agent to learn more.

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Garden center insurance FAQs

Garden center insurance is designed to help protect your business and workers whether you provide landscape services or not; grow plants or buy from others to sell; or operate from a traditional retail store or have greenhouses.

Crop damage, storm damage, equipment failure, and workplace liability are some of the biggest risks you face. Proper insurance coverage can help protect your business from financial dangers.

Cost will depend on the type of coverage and limits. We'll work closely with you to find appropriate insurance coverages for your nursery or greenhouse.

How Hortica helps

What makes us different

Industry knowledge sets us apart

Industry knowledge, reputation, and specialized services should all be taken into account when choosing an insurance provider. We’ve been exclusively serving the horticultural industry for more than 135 years. We’ll be there for you with coverages that matter and support that makes a difference. We have the experience and knowledge to assess risks horticultural businesses like yours face, and offer crop insurance for plants grown in climate-controlled structures.

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"I’ve been a Hortica customer since 1984 and when I’ve had to file a claim, whether it was workers’ compensation or property damage and loss, they’ve always responded quickly and professionally."
Richard, customer
Dorchester, Massachusetts
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