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You count on keeping your garden center operating at its fullest to ensure your livelihood. Count on us to help protect it. We have more than 130 years of experience in the horticultural industry. We not only understand your business, we know construction and materials, allowing us to help you with quick and quality post-damage recovery. We can also provide you with safety services to help you avoid or reduce the risks of accidents at your business.
“Working with a company that fully understands our industry…gives us peace of mind knowing we’re properly covered.”

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Knowing the hazards

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The need for garden center insurance

Risk management comes in many forms


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The insurance products you need

We offer a variety of coverage options for you

Property insurance is just the beginning of what we offer. We can help you protect your investment and the future of your business. From liability coverage to personal insurance, we have a variety of products to help insure your future.

Garden center insurance FAQ's

  • What is garden center insurance?

    Garden center insurance is designed to help protect your business and workers whether you provide landscape services or not; grow plants or buy from others to sell; or operate from a traditional retail store or have greenhouses and shadehouses.

  • What are the biggest risks for garden centers?

    Crop damage, storm damage, equipment failure, and workplace liability are some of the biggest risks you’ll face. Proper insurance coverage can help protect your business from financial dangers.

  • How much does garden center insurance cost?

    Cost will depend on the type of coverage and limits it covers. We'll work with you to find the right kind of insurance for your business.

How Hortica helps

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What makes us different

Industry knowledge sets us apart

From the beginning of the quote process, you’ll learn our understanding of your business and its operation ensures you get the proper coverage and quick repairs if there’s ever a claim.
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We’ve been doing business with Hortica for 10 years. They’ve adapted to the changing needs of insurance and liability. They have excellent service and fast response times.


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