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Business owner personal insurance

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Your life is more than being a business owner. As a result of all you’ve worked for, you’re likely a homeowner, have a personal auto, possibly even a motorcycle, RV, or a boat or other type of watercraft. Like your business, they need insurance coverage and protection, too. We can help you get it through our insurance agency, Florists' Insurance Service, Inc. (FISI), a subsidiary of Florists’ Mutual insurance Company and an affiliate of Florists’ Insurance Company, our underwriting companies.

Only Hortica business insurance customers can purchase personal insurance through FISI, which works with other insurers to help find policies and customize limits to get the coverage, flexibility, and pricing for the personal insurance coverage you want.

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For more than 135 years, the Hortica name has symbolized our dedication to horticultural and floral businesses. We understand the unique needs of garden centers, greenhouse growers, landscapers, plantscapers, nurseries, sod farms, and retail florists.

Through our underwriting companies, Florists’ Mutual Insurance Company and Florists’ Insurance Company, we provide insurance solutions to the green industry. Through Florists’ Insurance Service, Inc., these solutions can include personal insurance policies for business owners.

We also offer you the peace of mind of financial stability through our affiliation with Sentry Insurance Group.

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