The value of commercial auto insurance for your horticultural business

Added February 16, 2022

Delivering flowers, hauling sod, transporting equipment—there are many reasons why you need to send your staff out on the road. But the road can be an unpredictable place.

Even a small fender-bender can cost your business thousands of dollars. Along with repairing a damaged vehicle, you can face losses from missed deliveries, ruined orders, lost productivity, and property damage. But while you can’t control every encounter on the road, you can take steps to help protect your drivers and your business. One step is purchasing commercial auto insurance.

What does commercial auto insurance cover?

A commercial auto insurance policy consists of several types of insurance coverage that can help protect your vehicles, your assets, and your business. It covers vehicles your horticulture business owns, rents, or leases. It also provides protection if you or your employees drive your own vehicles for business or drive company cars for business and personal purposes.

Here's how commercial auto insurance helps protect your business:

Comprehensive auto coverage

There's always a chance that one of your business vehicles could be damaged while out on a jobsite, at an event, or even when parked on your property. Comprehensive auto insurance helps cover damage caused by something other than a crash—like falling limbs, hail, and even fire.

Collision auto coverage

Your vehicles may spend a lot of time on the road, increasing the risk of an accident. Collision auto insurance helps cover damage to your driver's vehicle when they hit (or are hit by) another vehicle, or if the vehicle collides with a fixed object.

Bodily injury liability

If there's an accident and another driver, passenger, or pedestrian is hurt or killed, bodily injury liability insurance provides protection for judgments if you or your driver are at fault.

Property damage

If you or one of your drivers damages someone else's property, liability coverage helps protect your business if you're found liable for the accident.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

You make sure your business vehicles are insured, but not all drivers do the same. Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverages help with expenses that would've been paid by an at-fault driver who doesn't have any, or enough, insurance.

I have a small garden center. Do I still need commercial auto insurance?

Yes. Commercial auto insurance policies feature insurance amounts and usage not covered under a personal auto insurance policy. If you get in an accident but don't have commercial auto insurance, you might find yourself facing enormous bills you can't pay, or lose a vehicle you rely on for your business. Plus, commercial auto insurance is required in every state except New Hampshire and Virginia. Even in the states where it isn't required, drivers can still be held liable for damages.

Common reasons to carry commercial auto coverage:

  • You have a vehicle titled to your business

  • You employ full- or part-time delivery drivers

  • You drive to and from worksites for day-to-day tasks

  • You haul tools, equipment, or products used for work

Whether caused by bad weather, a distracted driver, or something else, accidents happen. For small garden centers, greenhouses, and floral shops, protecting your business by minimizing risk with a commercial auto insurance policy is a cost-effective way to help keep your vehicles on the road and your jobs on schedule.

How much coverage does your business need?

It depends on the nature of your business, the type and amount of driving your employees do, and your risk appetite. Different driving tasks need different commercial auto policy coverages, so it's a good idea to work with your insurance provider so they can help you select the vehicle insurance coverages that make sense for your business.

We’re committed to helping your drivers stay safe on the road and protect themselves and other drivers. We’ve provided insurance solutions to horticultural businesses since 1887 and understand your diverse needs. To learn more about the varied requirements and the value of a commercial auto policy, contact us.

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