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Learn about the details on the horticultural insurance coverages we offer and how we can help protect your business, from your property to your employees.
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Insurance guide for nurseries

Does your business insurance policy protect against the unique risk exposures your nursery faces? This ultimate insurance guide digs in deep to help you answer that question—and it may have an impact on your bottom line.



Insurance guide for greenhouses

Storm damage, equipment breakdown, and crop losses are major risk factors for your greenhouse operation and can directly impact your bottom line. Here’s a guide to greenhouse insurance that can help you protect your business.



An insurance guide for retail florists

Not sure what type of insurance is beneficial for your retail floral shop? Consider common risk factors like seasonal reliability and perishable inventory when choosing coverages. Our retail florist insurance guide offers valuable insight.



Your garden center insurance guide

Do you have proper insurance for your garden center? We’ve outlined potential risks and appropriate coverages in this insurance guide for garden centers to help you determine if your business is adequately insured.



Five common liability claim scenarios

Worried about the liability of slips and falls, among other mishaps, that could occur in connection to your horticultural business? Make sure you know what your general liability policy does or doesn’t cover.



Commercial auto insurance for horticultural businesses

Whether you have one delivery vehicle, a fleet of work trucks, or transport equipment from one site to another, commercial auto insurance can help you protect your vehicle, your assets, and your horticultural business.



Hire right in a tight labor market

In a tight job market, you may feel pressure to hire quickly. But there are potential risks to hasty hiring. Follow these strategies to help you choose the right candidate during a labor shortage.
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