Adjust your insurance as your horticultural business changes

Added April 22, 2024
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When your greenhouse, garden center, nursery, or wholesale and retail floral business changes, your insurance should change with it.

After all, insurance can help protect you from losses in nearly every facet of your business, from your employees and stock to your equipment and property—if you’re properly covered.

Reasons to review—and adjust—your business insurance policy

If you’ve implemented changes at your business, an insurance review can help identify coverage gaps, areas where you might be able to save on your premium, or aspects of your business where you’re underinsured.

Here are some questions to consider that could necessitate updates to your business insurance policy. Did you:

An ID card for an employee

Add or reduce employees?

Your employee count can impact certain coverage options, such as workers’ compensation.

A greenhouse with three trees planted alongside

Build new structures?

Inform your provider of new buildings, updates to existing structures, or removal of previously covered buildings.

Three stacked moving boxes with flower decals on them

Move your business to a new location?

Where your business is located—along with its safety features, size, and other characteristics—can impact the types and amounts of coverages you need.

A potted plant in a wheelbarrow next to a pile of dirt with a shovel

Buy new equipment, such as machinery?

Buying new equipment and/or replacing old machinery can necessitate changes to your policy limits.

A road with trees alongside

Change the services you provide

Did you add delivery services? If so, you may want to consider adding commercial auto coverage to your policy.

A clipboard with a document showing different flowers

Enter into any new contracts?

Subcontractors, leases, rental agreements, and other contracts may have specific requirements that result in necessary changes to your coverage.

Green delivery truck with a purple flower decal on the side

Change your service area or use of vehicles?

How much you travel—and how you use your company vehicles—can impact your rates.

Review your insurance before the season kicks in.

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Beyond the basics: Additional coverage options for horticultural risks

Depending on your business updates, you might consider additional coverages to help protect new areas of your business, such as:

A woman using a cellphone while working on a laptop

Cyber liability

As digital reliance grows—along with the risk of cybercrimes—you can help safeguard your business with cyber liability coverage. It helps protect your business for liability to others and can reimburse you for expenses related to a data breach, including:

  • Legal counsel and defense

  • Notification costs

  • Crisis communications

  • Credit monitoring for those affected by the breach

Two white moving vans

Commercial auto

If you’ve added delivery to your list of services or expanded your fleet, comprehensive commercial auto insurance can help keep you protected on the road.

Two women adding plants to a shopping cart in a greenhouse

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)

Protect your business of any size for employment-related claims such as allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, and retaliation.

Your insurance company can help you with your business strategy, too

In addition to helping you stay protected now, your insurance provider can also help you plan for future changes with:

  • Industry expertise: Specialized insurers like Hortica understand the unique risks tied to your business—and industry trends that impact your operations and insurance costs.

  • Custom coverage options: Ask about different coverage options and service packages that can be customized to your evolving business.

  • Risk management programs: Through resources, training, and on-site consultations, insurers can help you identify risks to help reduce losses.

Incorporating insurance into your horticultural business evolution isn't just a prudent precaution—it’s a key component for long-term success and resilience in a rapidly evolving industry.

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