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Discover some ideas to create new opportunities for your store, attract more customers, and improve the way your business operates.

Three horticultural workers analyzing a document outside of a greenhouse
Business tips4/22/2024

Adjust your insurance as your horticultural business changes

Your horticultural business is ever-changing. Does your insurance policy reflect these changes? Here are some factors that could necessitate policy updates to help ensure you’re properly covered.
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Someone sweeping
Business tips4/3/2024

Prep for the busy season: Spring cleaning tips for your horticultural business

Spring is a great time to get ready for the busy season by cleaning up your property, inspecting your equipment, and reviewing your safety procedures. Here are some tips to help you.
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People watering a houseplant
Business tips1/4/2024

Increase profits with the mental health benefits of plants and flowers

Highlight the mental health benefits of plants and flowers to boost sales and improve customer well-being. Our insights can help you increase profits and address growing mental wellness concerns.
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2024 Industry Trends
Business tips12/19/2023

Horticultural innovation—Trends shaping the industry in 2024

Hortica’s Traci Dooley explores top trends in the horticultural industry including supply chain, climate, wellness, and tech innovations—and shares how they could impact your business.
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Holiday tuck pictured with additional outdoor holiday decor
Business tips11/29/2023

Drive holiday sales by enhancing your shoppers’ buying experiences

Supercharge your holiday sales and customer satisfaction with an engaging shopping experience that sparks excitement and drives purchases. Start with these tips.
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Two people shaking hands in a greenhouse
Business tips10/19/2023

Choosing an insurance provider for your horticultural business

With so many insurance providers to choose from, it’s tough to know where to start. Our guide highlights factors to consider when evaluating providers so you can make an informed decision to help secure your business’s future.
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