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Through our Learning Center, you’ll find detailed information on insurance topics like coverages and claims, as well as general business tips for the horticultural industry.
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Should you bundle business insurance?

Our team addresses what bundling insurance means, and how it might benefit your business.

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Three winter warning signs

There are usually warning signs before trouble happens. If you can identify those signs early at your greenhouse, it can help you save time and money. Here are three winter-related warning signs to watch out for.



Coverage and safety for winter

Learn about the steps you can take—and the insurance coverages we offer—to help protect your customers, your employees, and your bottom line this winter.



Understand critical business insurance coverages

There are a variety of business insurance coverages designed to help protect your business. Knowing which ones are crucial for your company can be difficult. Learn about three types of coverage that can play a major role in protecting horticultural businesses.

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Reuse and recycle old technology

Computers and other technology can help your horticultural business. But when that tech gets old or outdated, what do you do with it? You may want to consider reducing, reusing, or recycling it. It could help your company and protect your customers at the same time.

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New ways to promote your retail store

Events, sales, and social media all play a key role in getting the attention of potential customers. We explain how you can help draw in new customers to your floral or horticultural business.

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Boiler maintenance

Protect your horticultural business in the cold weather. Performing boiler maintenance will help keep the inventory inside warm and employees safe. We explain what to consider.
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