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Through our Learning Center, you’ll find detailed information on insurance topics like coverages and claims, as well as general business tips for the horticultural industry.

Tables decorated with floral arrangements for a wedding reception

Is your floral business covered for weddings?

As a florist, you know weddings can be a great additional revenue stream, but these events come with unique risks. Let’s review wedding risks and the insurance coverages that can help you if you suffer a loss.
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Horticultural employee talking on the phone why using a laptop computer
Loss control4/25/2024

Help protect your business from cyberattacks

Horticultural and floral industries are at risk from cyberattacks. From employee training to cyber insurance coverage, here are steps you can take to help mitigate the risk.
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Three horticultural workers analyzing a document outside of a greenhouse
Business tips4/22/2024

Adjust your insurance as your horticultural business changes

Your horticultural business is ever-changing. Does your insurance policy reflect these changes? Here are some factors that could necessitate policy updates to help ensure you’re properly covered.
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Someone sweeping
Business tips4/3/2024

Prep for the busy season: Spring cleaning tips for your horticultural business

Spring is a great time to get ready for the busy season by cleaning up your property, inspecting your equipment, and reviewing your safety procedures. Here are some tips to help you.
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Hail and Ruler
Loss control3/25/2024

Help protect your horticultural business from hail damage

Hail can cause severe damage to not only your roofing, but also your crops, equipment, and even your electrical components. Is your business ready for the next severe hailstorm? Read this to gauge your preparedness.
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People watering a houseplant
Business tips1/4/2024

Increase profits with the mental health benefits of plants and flowers

Highlight the mental health benefits of plants and flowers to boost sales and improve customer well-being. Our insights can help you increase profits and address growing mental wellness concerns.
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