In the Bloom with Maria: Invigorate your customers’ holiday shopping experience

Added October 29, 2020
Flowers arranged in a flower shop

Throughout the year, you’ve probably noticed several friends and family members developing an interest in the world of horticulture. Even if they couldn’t tell the difference between a marigold and a tulip last year, now they’re building above-ground flower beds, planting a vegetable garden, or taking their property’s landscaping to the next level. 

It makes sense—in a chaotic, ever-changing world, working with plants can be soothing. Your longtime customers know this, and now a new generation is joining the club.

With the holidays just around the corner, many of your customers will be looking for horticulture-related gifts for both experienced gardeners and inexperienced beginners. It’s up to you to help make their shopping experience simple and enjoyable. We have some tips you can begin implementing today.

Get creative with your gift displays

The holiday season is a great time to go all out with festive and themed product displays. Along with holiday classics like poinsettias and wreaths, consider putting together some more unconventional packages that may appeal to those who recently discovered their green thumb. For example, a garden tool “bouquet” could be an attention-grabbing display feature while also serving as a useful, practical gift. Similarly, an at-home plant care gift bundle would help beginners keep their plants healthy throughout the year.

If you're able to give your store a complete holiday refresh, your stunning storefront can also improve your curb appeal. Additionally, you can update your store's website with professional photography after the festive transformation to catch a scrolling visitor's eye before they even set foot into your store.

Be prepared for a unique holiday season

Of course, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your business for much of the year, and the holiday season will be no different. To help keep your customers and employees safe, consider implementing the following strategies—or highlight them on signage, your website, or in a holiday newsletter if you already have them in place.

  • Offer contactless delivery: Getting your products to your customers involves a few additional considerations these days. Contactless delivery—a delivery process that involves zero direct person-to-person interaction—is increasingly popular across a range of industries, because it significantly reduces the chances of COVID-19 transmission. Providing customers peace of mind along with their purchase is always a winning strategy.
  • Clean and sanitize your shop frequently: Not only is this a highly recommended step you can take in the face of a pandemic, it can also help your customers feel safer and more comfortable when entering your shop because you’re demonstrating you care.
  • Limit the number of patrons in your shop: Helping customers maintain the recommended six feet of social distance is an important step in reducing the spread of this virus. By establishing a maximum number of people you allow in your shop at any given time, you can encourage customers to keep their distance from one another.
  • Refresh your online presence: With states across the country in varying stages of shutdown, online shopping has experienced a boost. To prepare for increased site traffic this holiday season—particularly Black Friday and Cyber Monday—take some time to assess your online presence:
    • Do you need to adjust your social media strategy to reach the right audience?
    • Are the products and services listed on your website current?
    • Have you considered running promotions for first-time customers?
    • Can customers easily contact you with questions?

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that you do your part to make your customers’ shopping experience stress-free, intuitive, and—most importantly—safe. The 2020 holiday season will certainly be unlike any your industry has experienced before, but by taking a few simple steps, you can help keep the holidays festive for customers old and new.

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