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When you choose us for your horticultural business insurance coverage, you’re supported by a team of experienced claims professionals dedicated to serving you. Our execution, customer service, communication, and focus on solutions keep the entire claims process moving along efficiently.

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Reporting a claim

We work to make reporting a horticultural insurance claim as easy as possible for you, and we respond quickly when you need help. If you need to report a claim, call us at 800-851-7740. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Report a claim as soon as possible

Whether it’s commercial property damage to your greenhouse, a workers’ compensation claim for bodily injury, or commercial auto loss, contact us right away. This allows our team to determine what information is needed, begin an investigation of the facts, create a plan to help mitigate your loss, or help any injured worker get appropriate medical treatment. Prompt reporting also helps eliminate employee uncertainties and reduce possible lawsuit risk and exposure.

Gather claim information

The more information you’re able to provide when you contact us to begin a claim, the more helpful it is. Be sure to have this key information:

  • Account name
  • Policy number
  • Name and address of the person reporting
  • What happened
  • Who’s involved in the loss

More information will likely be needed as your horticultural business insurance claim continues. Our claim professionals are trained to guide you through the process and determine what other vital information to gather. You can help by keeping good records, having an information backup, documenting your claim in writing, and taking pictures. All these efforts can help speed the resolution of your insurance claim.

Claims already reported

You can review claim status of a claim already in progress or check on payments related to the claim.

If you have further questions or need to report a claim, call us at 800-851-7740.

“We were devastated and shaken up. Calling our Hortica rep was like calling in the cavalry.”


Pesche’s Garden Center


The total insured value** of all property we help protect across the United States.

We’re ready to help care for your unique business.

**December, 2022


More than 400 loss control and safety resources are available to our insureds.

We can assist you in managing your risks.

The amount of our first claim paid in 1887 to our first customer for destroyed greenhouses.

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