Our new website provides horticultural businesses an improved online experience and extensive educational resources

Added August 31, 2020

We’re thrilled to introduce you to a new website experience at The new site is designed to emphasize our benefits and services. Through a commitment to relationships and advice that guides horticultural businesses to better prepare for their future, we’re committed to helping you protect your business when you need it the most.

“We’re dedicated to providing leadership for horticultural businesses,” says Tim Noble, president, Hortica. “Today, it’s important to find new ways to lead our customers. We’re doing that with a digital experience that empowers our customers with the information they need to help grow their businesses—ensuring they know how we can help and protect them every step of the way.”

Our new website provides educational content in an easy-to-use environment, suitable for ongoing reference as you rely on us to help protect your business. Horticultural businesses—including our customers and non-customers alike—can visit the website’s Learning Center, where they can review articles providing advice on many topics vital to their businesses.

As a visitor to the website, you can also access a range of functions that help you easily secure the insurance support needed to make informed decisions for your business. Our site features include:

  • Breakdown by business: Our new website is designed to empower you to access the information that is right for your specific industry or customer base. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

    • Garden centers 

    • Greenhouse growers

    • Nurseries

    • Retail, event, or wholesale florists

    • Landscapers and interior plantscapers

  • Educational resources: Insurance can be confusing for those who don’t work with it every day. That’s where our experts help. We’re readily available to provide support for you. Our website provides educational resources with details on various coverage types and more.

  • Request a quote: Easily connect with our industry experts to request a quote.

  • Request a COI: If you need to request your Certificate of Insurance to support recordkeeping and various business initiatives, our Request a Certificate of Insurance tool provides easy, online access to submit a request.

  • Online bill pay: We offer access to an easy, secure online bill pay option.

We’re dedicated to providing exemplary service to your horticultural business. Our new website gives you an improved digital experience, providing easier-than-ever access to more than 130 years of horticultural industry expertise.

Hortica website

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