Reduce, reuse, and recycle your old technology

Added December 1, 2020

Getting a new or updated computer or other tech gadget is something we all look forward to. But what about all your old equipment collecting dust in the basement or storage room?

Some may think the answer is to toss it in the garbage, but that's the worst thing you can do with your old tech. The majority of electronic waste goes to a landfill and can seriously affect our environment—particularly because most of the components in these products are toxic.

Instead, consider these more productive alternatives for your old, outdated technology:

Use older equipment for training: If you want a new hire to get used to the computing environment, your old PC is good to start with. Older equipment is ideal for training, because if something goes wrong, there's no great loss.

Experiment with it: Use your old PC to download software and test things you're hesitant to try on your new computer. Evaluate software before rolling it out in case there are compatibility issues. A trial session on a dispensable system is a great way to save a lot of future issues.

Donate to charity: If you think your old PC is nothing more than an expensive waste, donate it to a charitable organization. There are quite a few non-profit organizations that use old computers for administrative or instructional purposes.

Recycle: If your computer is too old to be of use to someone or is damaged beyond repair, don't throw it away—recycle it. Some computer manufacturers offer nationwide programs to help the environment by recycling used computers. Check with the waste and recycling service in your city to find out if there are any special instructions to follow regarding the disposal of old computer equipment.

No matter what you do with an obsolete computer, make sure all the data on it is securely erased before it leaves your control.

Environmental reasons aside, following these steps can also help keep your personal information safe. If you throw away your old computer, there's no telling who might be able to get their hands on your hardware and potentially your data.

We want to help you protect your business by providing the information and resources you need to help prevent losses before they happen. Contact your Hortica representative and we'll have a conversation about protecting your critical data.

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