The importance of curb appeal for horticultural businesses

Added August 25, 2020

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a store's exterior when viewed from the street. It plays a significant role in potential customers' first impressions of your business, which influences their decision whether or not to walk through the door at all. Additionally, consistent storefront refreshes—because they highlight new inventory and provide a sense that interesting things are happening—can help draw the eyes of repeat customers.

As you assess your shop's curb appeal, consider implementing a few of these suggestions:

Create window displays

Window displays give prospective customers a glimpse into your store and often provide their introduction to your product offerings. Showcase a few of your products in a display that highlights your creativity.

Demonstrate landscaping ideas

If the areas in front of your business look plain or dull, add a few potted plants, flowers, or shrubs. Tasteful landscaping can add a fresh, new look to the front of your business—especially if it complements your window displays.

Leverage outdoor displays

Show off a few of your products on the sidewalk in front of your building. When people can interact with products outside your shop, it can encourage them to stop in and discover your additional offerings. You can also consider displaying clearance items and seasonal products, depending on what you want to prioritize. Just be sure your outdoor displays don't hinder foot traffic or create tripping hazards.

Review your signage

Make sure the sign on your building is large, easy to read, and clearly visible to people passing by. If your business name doesn't spell out what you sell, be sure to include a graphic or some other clear indicator of the products or services you offer.

Maintain your facilities

Every part of your brick-and-mortar store should look clean and cared for. Staying on top of general maintenance tasks makes an impression for potential customers by demonstrating your reliability and attention to detail.

Provide a positive parking experience

Depending on the location of your business, adequate parking facilities can have a significant impact on curb appeal. Accessible and convenient parking can help put prospective customers in a more positive state of mind when they walk through the door—and can make it easier for them to safely carry their purchases back to their vehicles.

If you provide private parking, make sure your lot is clear of debris and in good condition. This includes fixing cracked or bumpy pavement and painting clearly marked parking lines.

For business owners like you, providing an unforgettable customer experience is crucial. A welcoming, aesthetically pleasing storefront emphasizes your imagination, professionalism, and dedication to quality—precisely the attributes your customers are looking for!

Storefront full of flowers

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