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Why Choose Hortica Insurance?

Hortica has provided insurance solutions for horticultural businesses since 1887. We have weathered storms of all nature and look forward to serving the horticultural industry for another 128 years.

Hortica is a mutual company owned by our policyholders and is dedicated to meeting the needs of the horticultural industry. We understand our success is directly tied to the success of both the horticultural industry and the businesses we insure. We are proud that 25% of our policyholders have been with us for more than 25 years.

The Benefit: Hortica serves policyholders, not stockholders. Our members are more than just a “customer” and feel added stability and predictability with their insurance programs. Hortica makes many decisions solely to benefit the horticultural industry and/or our policyholders.

Hortica understands the unique needs of horticultural businesses and offers specific products and services for the following:

  • Garden Centers
  • Greenhouse Growers
  • Landscape & Lawn Care Professionals
  • Wholesale Floral Distributors
  • Retail Florists
  • Nurseries
  • Interior Plantscapers
  • Sod Farms

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The Benefit: Hortica helps its policyholders:

  • Obtain the correct coverage and protection available

  • Select the proper amount of insurance

  • Reduce and/or avoid losses

  • Receive prompt and fair claims settlements

  • Operate a secure, safe business

  • Receive dividends or rate reductions, when conditions permit

Hortica is a full-source provider offering business insurance, employee benefits and personal insurance. We nurture a culture of high ethical standards and are committed to the principles of professional behavior and integrity.

The Benefit: Hortica policyholders prefer and enjoy “one-stop” shopping for their complete insurance needs. Our members trust us to represent their interests in providing superior, cost-effective insurance solutions.

Hortica elects respected industry leaders to its Board of Directors and our employees are insurance professionals who understand the unique risks and needs of horticultural industry businesses.

The Benefit: Decisions at all levels are made by people with a unique knowledge of and uncompromising passion for the horticultural industry.

Hortica offers specialized loss control and safety services to policyholders including on-site consultations, thermographic inspections, customized safety presentations, webinars, annual claims analysis and training materials. We assist members to avoid and/or reduce losses which mean bottom line cost savings to their operations.

The Benefit: Hortica is knowledgeable on industry trends and is able to provide members with sound advice regarding various topics such as type of structures to build/re-build, engineering of greenhouses with respect to wind and snow loads, safe use of shade cloth/energy curtains, and tips to minimize everyday risks at their business. Loss control and safety resource materials are available to members on-line via our website.

Hortica provides proactive claims handling to our policyholders. We avoid over-reacting to one or several years of adverse loss experience with established members.

The Benefit: If a claim occurs, Hortica provides prompt, fair and hassle-free claims settlements. We are more willing to provide critical insurance to member companies considered high-risk and/or during certain business cycles when typical insurance companies restrict coverage.

Hortica actively collaborates with and supports various national and state industry associations including:

  • American Floral Endowment (AFE)

  • AmericanHort

  • Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)

  • Horticultural Research Institute (HRI)

  • Master Nursery Garden Centers (MNGC)

  • National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA)

  • Society of American Florists (SAF)

  • And numerous state associations

The Benefit: Hortica is the only U.S. insurance company that dedicates the majority of its resources to the horticultural industry. Hortica’s contributions support research, governmental relations, educational scholarships, industry education programs, and innovative solutions to industry concerns. These activities directly improve the profitability and development of horticultural industry businesses and organizations.

Hortica always provides personalized customer service. A friendly professional is available to assist our policyholders whether they are requesting a quote, requesting a certificate of insurance, reporting a claim or just asking questions concerning their policy.

The Benefit: Hortica members appreciate talking to a “live” person instead of frustrating endless voice mail prompts.