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Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits delivers superior claims service to our customers by providing prompt, fair and hassle-free claims settlements. With over 128 years of experience in the horticultural industry, the expertise of our on-staff adjusters and nationwide network of claims professionals creates a unique partnership between Hortica and our customers.

Hortica/Florists’ Mutual Insurance Company was created in 1887 by the Society of American Florists who had a need for insurance for hail losses to greenhouse glass. The horticultural knowledge base that has been developed since that time, along with contractors and other horticultural specialists, provides Hortica professionals with an ability to deliver exceptional service to our customers when others are unable to do so. This invaluable background has proven to be paramount when a loss actually occurs and the promise made by any insurance carrier is tested.


Hortica makes reporting a claim as easy as possible. Our goal is to respond quickly to a customer in need of help. Several options are available to report claims and our customers may choose whatever method is convenient for them. Most importantly, report a claim immediately – doing so gives Hortica professionals the greatest opportunity to obtain the best result possible for your business!

The preferred method to report claims is to email all inquiries with information to However, claims may be reported by calling 800-851-7740, faxing notice to 800-999-4642 or contacting your agent directly. Hortica maintains 24 hours a day, 7 days a week phone coverage so customers can reach us for assistance at any time.

Prompt reporting of claims is crucial when a loss occurs. Whether it’s damage to your property, a workers compensation claim, customer injury or automobile loss, it allows Hortica claim professionals to determine the appropriate direction of claim activities, begin investigation of the facts, outline a response to properly mitigate the size of loss or to get an injured worker appropriate medical treatment there by minimizing any adverse impact on your business. In addition, it can help eliminate employee uncertainties and reduce possible litigation exposure.

Timely notice includes reporting potential losses that may appear unrelated to your business, are caused by someone else, do not arise from your actions, are “being taken care of” by others, are injuries to employees that “don’t arise from their job” or seem so minimal you don’t want to report it but instead will self-pay to avoid your “premiums from going up”. Not reporting these claims when they are known often works to your detriment; and in some instances can jeopardize your policy coverage as late notice is a leading cause for insurance companies to deny coverage.


What information do I need when reporting a claim? First of all, you will never have all the information when making an initial claim notification. Simply contacting the Company immediately is the MOST CRITICAL and IMPORTANT STEP. The more information you are able to provide initially, the more helpful it will be to the claim process. Hortica claim professionals are specifically trained to guide you in determining what information is needed in order to respond when a claim arises. Keeping good records, being organized in your business, having appropriate information back up, documenting information in writing and through pictures and being able to access backup information of computer data, taxes, etc. go a long way towards making the process work best.

Hortica’s goal is to work with our customers via open, honest, and timely communication to get you recovered from your loss per the provisions of your insurance policy.