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Hortica always provides personalized customer service. A friendly insurance professional is available to assist our policyholders whether they are asking questions concerning their policy, looking for an auto quote, interested in loss control/safety resources, reporting a claim, requesting a certificate of insurance, inquiring about pay plans, or in need of any insurance-related guidance for their business.

As a mutual insurance company, Hortica serves policyholders – not stockholders – and is uniquely focused on the horticultural industry. We understand our success is directly tied to the success of both the horticultural industry and the businesses we insure. This says a lot about our business philosophy and about our mutual working relationship with our insureds, one we view as a partnership. It means we provide exceptional service, not just when you have a claim, but on an ongoing basis.

Hortica agents know your business as well as insurance. Such knowledge is your best guarantee that your coverages are customized to fit your needs.

Those seeking business insurance have many concerns:

  • Are my replacement values adequate?
  • Will my loss of business coverage be enough if I have a loss in peak season?
  • What about debris removal costs?
  • Are my crop and inventory values sufficient?
  • Is all my special equipment covered?
  • What deductibles should I consider?

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Undoubtedly, there are many more questions. Most concerns, however, come down to these:

  • Do I have enough insurance to cover potential losses?

  • Am I paying more than I should?

Providing the right answers to these questions is the primary objective of our Agents. Their specialized industry and insurance expertise, coupled with frequent communication about your business, is your best assurance that your real needs are met at minimum cost.

Exclusively serving the horticultural industry means Hortica has in-depth knowledge which equips us to understand the unique problems and risks of your business. We also understand that workplace safety doesn’t just happen. It takes effective training. Training many employers don’t have the time or resources to offer. Our Loss Control Specialists work closely with our insureds to provide a wide spectrum of training programs and materials. Hortica takes an active approach in working with its customers to hold down costs, prevent losses and increase operating efficiency.

Since 1887, Hortica has weathered many catastrophes along side our policyholders. Just as our policyholders are committed to endure adversity and rebuild for their futures, we are committed to helping in that effort. It doesn’t matter how large or small the claim. Hortica’s mission is to get our policyholders back to business as soon as possible.

Hortica consistently delivers superior claims handling service. Our years of experience and knowledge of the horticultural industry allow us to efficiently guide you through the claims process. Utilizing professional on-staff adjusters, as well as a nationwide network of outside claims professionals, Hortica provides prompt, fair and hassle-free claims settlements.

Service is promised readily by most insurance companies. But what’s actually required to deliver on that promise? Hortica will tell you it depends on knowing your insureds and knowing their operation firsthand. For this reason, our field representatives strive to meet Hortica customers personally and know each on a first-name basis. There is a reason we serve many third generation customers and 25% of our policyholders have been with us for more than 25 years. Hortica is committed to providing our policyholders with continued responsible service.