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Hortica California Signature MPN

The Hortica California Signature MPN will not be used for dates of injury on or after 07/15/2016.

Hortica MPN

The Hortica MPN is effective for dates of injury on or after 12/15/2016.

A medical provider network is a network of providers, including physicians, created to provide medical treatment for work injuries of employees in California. An MPN must be approved by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) before it can be used. Unless exempted by law or the employer, all medical care for workers injured on the job whose employer has an approved MPN will be handled and provided though the MPN.

The Hortica MPN participating provider listing can be accessed here.

MPN Medical Access Assistants
The Hortica MPN medical access assistants can assist injured workers with finding an MPN physician of their choice and with scheduling medical appointments. They can also provide injured workers with MPN employee notices.

Medical access assistants are available Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am through 8:00 pm Pacific Time.

You may reach a medical access assistant by phone, fax or email.
• 800-851-7740 Press 1, Press 4, Press 1
• 800-999-4642 attention: medical access assistants

MPN Contacts
The Hortica MPN contacts can answer your questions or respond to your concerns about the Medical Provider Network and assist employees in arranging for an MPN independent medical review.

The MPN contacts are:

Sara Widener-Brightwell, Esq.
Claims Compliance and Training
800-851-7740 extension 3469114

Jennifer Page
Claims Manager
800-851-7740 extension 3469053

Lisa Champoux
Claims Manager
800-851-7740 extension 8607582