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COVID-19: We’re here for you in uncertain times

A message to our customers

Friday, March 20, 2020

I’m Tim Noble, President of Hortica. First, allow me to thank you for doing business with Hortica. I also want to convey personally to you Hortica’s continuing commitment to provide strong service with a personal touch, even in the midst of the uncertain times that the COVID-19 outbreak represents.

I’m sure that what matters to you and what matters to Hortica are likely the same things—which include protecting our employees and continuing to service customers and business partners.

We’re taking several measures to protect our people while maintaining customer relationships. These include adopting “social distance” methods, including clarifying what essential versus nonessential travel is, implementing new meeting protocols that create greater dispersion of people, and deploying “work from home” capabilities where possible.

We recognize that you’re likely implementing your own new protocols and practices, which we will strive to understand and operate within. You have a right to expect no diminishment in service from us.

Lastly, I wish you, your family, and your work colleagues good health as the country navigates through the pandemic situation.

Tim Noble