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There are many reasons for someone to own a rental property, including having a source of income and a long-term investment. Hortica provides owners with property and liability coverage for their rental properties, including single-family, duplex, triplex and quad.

The types of coverage:

  • Property coverage for your tenant-occupied buildings and other structures
  • Liability coverage for medical expenses and legal expenses you are legally responsible for
  • Loss of Rental Income

Points to consider:

  • Homeowners insurance does not cover property losses to rental properties
  • The loss you would have to cover if your property and belongings were damaged by a disaster: Could you afford to pay for the loss out-of-pocket?
  • What happens if another person is injured on your property while it is being rented out?
  • You may require your renters to carry renters insurance

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Although you are renting your property to someone else and they are making it their temporary home, it is still considered your property and if you are not covered, you may be liable. Could you afford to fix the damages to your property and cover expenses for any injuries that may have occurred on your rental property? Renting property out is not only a great investment for you, but it is beneficial for those looking for a home. Don’t lose you investment because of a disaster or accident; let Hortica cover your rental properties.

Hortica understands that your rental property is more than just a house, but it is a source of income for you. Our main goal is to protect your property, give you the peace of mind and confidence you need with your insurance coverage. Our agents are standing by to assist you in choosing the best Rental Property policy for your needs to get you on your way. Don’t be a victim… protect your investments with Rental Properties policy.