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No matter what kind of house you live in, whether it was built from the ground up or built in a factory and moved to your lot, a home is where you plant your roots, so why not keep those roots covered and safe? Mobile home insurance is important in keeping your property and your family safe against natural disasters, lawsuits, and loss.

What is mobile home insurance? Also known as manufactured home insurance, this type of insurance is created to cover a different level of risks from the traditional home owners insurance. Different and much lighter materials are used to build mobile homes, so they require another level of insurance coverage that can take on a more delicate set of issues. Mobile home insurance covers everything from the home itself, the additional structures around it, such as garages and sheds, as well as your contents.

This insurance covers both liability and property. Protection against liability issues provides security against lawsuits for bodily injury and property damage for which you, your residing family members, are found legally responsible for, even including injuries or damage caused by your pets. If your mobile home or any of your property is destroyed by a covered peril, the damage is covered as well as additional living expenses.

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Optional coverage Includes:

  • The mobile home itself

  • Additional structures owned. Such as: a shed or garage

  • Personal property: furniture, clothes, electronics. Etc.

  • Earthquake

  • Flooding

Points to consider:

  • If you are making payments to your bank or a mortgage company for your home, you will most likely be required to get mobile home insurance to protect your own, as well as the bank’s interests.

  • In event of a disaster that destroys your property (including personal), the replacement cost usually exceeds its current value. Does your current insurance limit cover the full rebuilding or replacement costs after a possible disaster?

At Hortica, we understand that you, your home, property, and family should be protected at all costs. Loss and damage of property can be very devastating, and as a company, we work to make sure you are well protected. This also includes personal liability protection. If you or your family members living with you are responsible for bodily injury or property damage, whether it occurs on or away from your property, you need the protection of the personal liability coverage that is available on a Mobile Home policy.

Whatever size, shape, or location your home is, Hortica believes that everyone should have solid coverage when it comes to protecting your home and belongings, in the event of an emergency or disaster. We as a company will work with you to find the best customized insurance solution that fits your bank account, as well as your lifestyle so everyone in your household is covered and safe under the wing of mobile home insurance with Hortica.