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Whether you:

  • Brand your own
  • Provide installation services or not
  • Sell direct or through distributors

Let’s talk about protecting the growth of your sod farm business. A Hortica agent will guide you in designing a comprehensive insurance program to protect the solid business foundation you have built.

During a brief discussion, you’ll learn how we can provide your sod farm operation with insurance protection for:

  • Specialized equipment in transit and job sites
  • On-the-job employee injuries
  • Loss of income
  • Your most valuable asset – your employees

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Insurance for Sod Farms

Some might think the business of sod farming is pretty straight forward, uncomplicated and maybe even boring. After all, anyone that lives in a single-family dwelling has at least a little patch of grass. But that familiarity with the end product, sod, is exactly what makes it a challenging business to grow, deliver and sometimes install “instant lawn.”

Everyone thinks they can grow a nice lawn. However, just take a walk around the block to dispel that thought. How many lawns are weed free? How many lawns have brown spots? How many lawns are patchy or thin? All of these maladies are common to most, if not almost all, lawns in America. When you multiply your quarter acre of lush greenness to the order of the average sod farm, you multiply the problems too.

Modern sod farms are more than “your lawn times 100.” Modern sod growers are heavy into research and development. Environmental issues have major impact on the sod business. Not only is it a challenge to grow the perfect square, but drought, disease and governmental regulation combine to make the “simple task” of growing grass complicated.

Success in the sod business requires imagination, innovation and great attention to detail. In all of this, include the common hazards of running a business today. Sod farms contend with many hazards that are not insurable that could damage their product. So when it comes to choosing business insurance for your sod farm, pick the company that understands your challenges.

Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits has insured the horticultural industry for over 128 years. Hazards common to nurseries and growers are also common to sod farms. Critical to operations of a sod farm is the transportation hazard. Hortica has specific loss control approaches for hiring and training drivers of your delivery vehicles, and also provides training and certification for fork lift operators.

Growing sod requires a large investment in specialized equipment. Irrigation equipment is targeted by scrap metal thieves. Large tractors and other field equipment are also targeted by thieves. A large name-brand tractor brings a good price in foreign countries that care not where it came from.

At the top of the list of common hazards is the injury to employees from normal job duties. Like most types of farming, bending, lifting and pinching hazards are all abundant in the fields of sod growers. A specialty company that deals with these types of injuries is important in keeping your workers compensation costs in line. A company that supports your own safety efforts with specialized tailgate training, supervisor training and loss analysis is mandatory for success in dealing with the difficult challenges of operating a business with numerous employees.

Selecting a business insurance agent is as easy as growing a beautiful lawn. When a homeowner wants a beautiful lawn, many of them seek out a supplier of sod to make the job less stressful with more certainty of outcome. When a sod grower needs a trustworthy and capable business insurance provider and agent, seek out a Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits direct agent or associated independent agent in your area.