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Whether you:

  • Derive the majority of your sales from wire services or walk-in customers
  • Own your building or rent
  • Have multiple designers or are a one-person shop

Let’s design a plan to protect the essence of your business. A Hortica agent will guide you in designing a comprehensive plan to protect the solid business foundation you have built.

You’ll learn how we can provide protection for:

  • Loss of flowers, plants and profits
  • Buildings, including greenhouses
  • Lost profits from communications equipment failure
  • Your most valuable asset – your employees

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You are a creative person or you are a business savvy owner who employs very creative people. You work with some of the most beautiful products on earth. You make them even more beautiful and appealing with your special touch. Nothing is more satisfying to you than to see the smile on the face of the bride, to see the gush of the elderly mother, to see the young man purchase the first bouquet for his special Valentine Sweetheart, and to feel the devotion of loved ones when they view special floral tributes at the passing of a loved one.

So what interest do you have in purchasing insurance to protect your retail florist shop or design studio business? It’s probably not at the top of your list and we get it. If your investment in understanding the technicalities of your insurance policy is going to be minimal, make the most out of your decision regarding who to advise you on the purchase of insurance for florists. We are a specialty insurance company, known to many over the years as Florists’ Mutual Insurance Co., and now as, Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits.

Insurance for florists does not have to be a difficult process. Won’t you be able to concentrate better on your day to day business of creating beautiful floral displays and running your operation if you select an agent that knows more about your business risks than an internet questionnaire?

Retail florists have faced unprecedented competition from all corners of the economy. Internet order gatherers, big box stores, supermarket florists, direct from grower shipments, all have contributed to the reduction of the number of traditional retail florists.

Many florists stand one catastrophe away from closing their doors. You purchase florist insurance to protect against the monetary loss from various physical and legal risks. Let us advise you on how to wisely spend those dollars.

Every florist knows they must satisfy certain minimum requirements if they lease their retail or studio space. Property insurance will satisfy the needs of your bank or mortgage holder if you own your building. It can also protect against theft of property or money. General liability insurance protects against customer injuries on your property, and believe it or not, the occasional sick pet who ate the wrong plant or an allergic reaction to leaf shine spray delivered to a highly asthmatic recipient. Delivery vehicles are almost mandatory for a successful florist business, and insurance is mandatory to operate them.

The most inexperienced agent or even a website can get you that far. But here is where a professional, informed agent can make a difference.

A very common claim against business owners these days is that of wrongful termination, sexual harassment or racial discrimination in employment. In certain jurisdictions, every time an employee is let go for cause, one of these actions will follow which you will be required to defend. We recognized this trend early on and have provided highly important protection against frivolous legal actions against owners just trying to make things work.

It doesn’t happen often, but what if a bride gets upset because you had to substitute something she was expecting because the wholesale house is out, the plane didn’t come in from Columbia or Ecuador. Well, there is protection for certain errors beyond your control.

We know as well as you do that a great percentage of your income happens at the major floral holidays. What if you have a cooler failure two days before Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and your inventory coverage had no seasonal increase feature?

The minimum insurance package available might be ok for many, but for a few dollars more, a custom retail florist insurance program, designed with the help of an insurance professional who understands your business might be the difference between going out of business, and going on with business.