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Whether you:

  • Grow in the field or grow in containers
  • Propagate your plants or buy liners from others
  • Sell bare root stock or fully rooted plant material

Let’s get to the root of protecting your nursery. A Hortica agent will guide you in designing a comprehensive plan to protect the solid business foundation you have built.

You’ll learn how we can provide protection for:

  • Vehicles, buildings, greenhouses and coolers
  • Pumps and mobile equipment
  • Injury to people or property caused by your products
  • Your most valuable asset – your employees

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Some nurseries have been family businesses for two or more generations. Other nurseries are newer start-up operations that are trying to take advantage of the fallout from the financial failure of very large national nursery operations. Regardless of your size, or age, or product mix, choosing proper business insurance for nurseries is a necessary activity that takes place every year you are in operation.

Choosing an insurance partner may seem a simple enough activity, but in reality, choosing the right insurance partner to insure your nursery business can be a challenge.

Insuring a nursery business is not like insuring a home or auto, or even an apartment building or restaurant. If you were able to find an insurance company and agent who understood some of the challenges you face, and had answers for you as to how to handle those challenges, would that help the process?

At Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits we think a key to providing proper plant nursery insurance protection is to understand your nursery business and the industry as a whole. We are an insurance company that understands the nursery industry. We are an insurance company that specializes in insurance for nurseries of all types and sizes. You have found the right insurance company.

Among the property coverages Hortica provides, we understand the need for large cold storage warehouses with valuable refrigeration equipment that needs protection from many different perils including break-down. If you do your own propagation in greenhouses, we specialize in coverages specific to greenhouses, the crop growing therein, and even future loss of earnings from crop cycles you might miss in case of a catastrophic loss.

Nursery workers work hard. They use power equipment, they work in the elements. Nursery workers subject themselves to injury at every turn. Targeted and specialized loss control and safety training is something all nursery owners should seek out. Hortica has customized training and loss control programs available to our customers.

Hopefully you haven’t been a target, but chances are you or someone you know in the industry has been the target of thieves. Theft of equipment is one of the most common losses a nursery suffers. You might think you have protected your equipment, but thieves are resourceful. And sometimes your efforts to foil a theft, upsets them and causes them to vandalize your equipment if they can’t steal it. Even more frustrating than theft or vandalism can be the adjustment of the claim. Hortica is one of the few providers of equipment insurance that can be valued for replacement cost. In total or partial losses, the application of depreciation can wipe out your profit for many months.

Getting product to market is always a challenge. It does little good to get the product grown, get it loaded on the trailer, and end up not getting it to the customer because an inexperienced or careless driver has an accident en route. Let Hortica’s driver selection and training programs help keep your drivers and shipments safe.

You have enough to do to grow beautiful, healthy plants. Let Hortica help with your plant nursery insurance needs.