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Whether you:

  • Have one crew or many
  • Focus on residential jobs, commercial work or both

Let’s talk bout installing a plan to protect your business. A Hortica agent will guide you in designing a comprehensive plan to protect the solid business foundation you have built.

You’ll learn how we can provide protection for:

  • Equipment at job sites
  • On-the-job employee injuries
  • Your most valuable asset – your employees

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Insurance for Lawn Care Professionals

Those of the “baby boom” generation very likely were introduced to the business world via an attempt to earn pocket money doing chores, mowing lawns, selling lemonade or all of the above.

The nature of all business has changed over the past 25 years, but lawn care by professionals rather than neighborhood teenagers is without doubt one for the books.

So what comes with this change? Certainly the liability for damages is one area that has changed. When the neighborhood teenager was bringing the family lawn mower over to mow the lawn, no thought was given to what happened if something was damaged. A mower throwing up a rock and breaking a window was aggravating, but not such a big deal. Running over a sprinkler head and taking it off, well, that was a little bit of a bigger deal. But it seems that under most circumstances, things got worked out. No attorneys, no small claims court, no Judge Judy. This is no longer the case.

Also in contrast to how things might have been is the amount of equipment needed by a professional lawn care service to get the job done right. It takes a truck and trailer to haul the necessary equipment needed for a professional job. Expensive mowers, blowers, sprayers, trimmers, all properly tied down in the back of a truck or trailer, are driven through neighborhoods everywhere.

So how does a lawn care business handle these exposures? Hire a commercial insurance agent who knows what hazards are common to your business, and who knows how to provide an insurance policy which protects you against claims arising out of your business. You know how to care for lawns, let a professional provide for your lawn services business insurance needs.

There are four major areas of concern for your business: Automobile insurance needs to be provided on a commercial policy, with sufficient limits to protect your investment and assets in case of a major accident. Hiring good drivers and setting down a company policy which dictates best practices of safety are the first concern. Making sure your equipment is properly loaded, tied down, etc. is another concern, not only for the equipment, but also to prevent damage to other drivers on the highway.

Preventing theft of your equipment is also important, and properly insuring it for replacement value if available.

Safety of your employees is also a big concern, and takes constant attention. Training, proper safety gear and providing incentives are elements of building a safe work environment. Every point of credit you can earn for your workers compensation experience modifier puts more money in your pocket for new equipment, expanding the business or profit to the bottom line.

You will get demands for broken windows and sprinkler heads. You will be responsible for property damage and bodily injury. Proper training and properly operating equipment are necessary for avoiding accidents.

With all of the precautions taken, the backstop of all your preparation to keep you out of financial ruin is a proper business insurance program. Let a professional agent of Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits design one for you. You’ll get a sound program, along with access to loss control services, targeted loss control/safety materials and dedicated claims adjusters who speak your language.