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Whether you:

  • Have one crew or many
  • Focus on residential jobs, commercial work or both
  • Complete simple installations or handle complex design/build projects

Let’s talk about installing a plan to protect your business. A Hortica agent will guide you in designing a comprehensive plan to protect the solid business foundation you have built.

You’ll learn how we can provide protection for:

  • Equipment at job sites
  • On-the-job employee injuries
  • Design errors and omissions
  • Your most valuable asset – your employees

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According to, there are over 70,000 landscape firms across the United States. These firms have nearly 450,000 employees. It is very apparent to anyone who pays attention that landscape firms are alive, and many are doing well even in the current economy.

Well over half of all firms employ 20 or less people and are in that category of small businesses that are key to making the U.S. economy work. Large mega firms have their place too, attracting major contracts, taking on major renovations, new construction, etc. Regardless of size, there are elements to running a landscape business and purchasing landscape insurance that is similar, but not one size fits all.

In your business you are used to bidding for work. So it seems logical that you should purchase your insurance the same way. You hope to hold on to your customers with great service and not have to re-bid for the work every year. In that same way, we at Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits make every effort to earn your business with every request, every claim, every training aid and every safety meeting we conduct.

Hortica hopes to be your preferred provider when it comes to your landscape business insurance. We hope to gain your business even if the bottom line price is not the absolute lowest. You know from your own experience that lowest price does not always mean best value. The same applies to insurance for landscapers. We want our service to cause you to break the bidding cycle.

The landscape business does not lack for dangerous perils to people and property. General liability insurance to protect you from cost of property damage or bodily injury to others is mandatory. This is what you have to prove when you bid a job and the requirement is for proof of insurance. It seems as if everyone wants you to be responsible for anything and everything. Especially for those of you who also do snow removal and are confronted with some difficult indemnity agreements.

All insurance products are not alike. Even if the contract wording is similar for various coverage features, the real difference comes when it is time for the insurance company to deliver on a claim. Claims adjusters who routinely and solely work with the horticultural industry are more likely to be familiar with circumstances associated with landscape operations. If you specialize in one area of landscape operations such as irrigation installation, hardscape, zeroscape or grounds maintenance, you recognize the advantage of concentrating on something you know how to do better than others. Hortica has provided insurance exclusively for the horticultural industry since 1887. Do you see the advantage to have landscape insurance from someone who understands the risks associated with your industry?

Crucial to keeping competitive in the landscape industry is maintaining good loss experience for your workers compensation insurance. Operators who suffer severe or frequent losses develop experience modifiers to the premiums which can greatly inflate your costs. Getting to and maintaining a credit modification will provide an edge in gaining business, enhance employee morale, and increasing your profit margin.

Most insurance companies provide loss control services to help impact the loss experience of landscape contractors. Here again, using the targeted loss control materials and training methods of a specialist can more quickly impact your results. Safety as a culture needs to come from top management, be constantly supported by lead employees and foremen, and reinforced with recognition of success. Hortica loss control specialists can help you establish effective training programs, as well as provide video training and safety tailgate materials to give you targeted, substantive, and helpful instruction.

At the end of the day, getting the job done is the most important part of what you do. Getting it done safely, with no harm or accident is what we help you do. Check out Hortica’s insurance for landscapers, you’ll be glad you did.