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Whether you:

  • Have one crew or many
  • Work in businesses or homes
  • Provide plants or maintain client-owned plants

Let’s talk about a plan to maintain the health of your plantscaping business. A Hortica agent will guide you in designing a comprehensive plan to protect the solid business foundation you have built.

You’ll learn how we can provide protection for:

  • Equipment at job sites
  • Injuries to people or damage to property resulting from your work
  • Chemical application
  • Your most valuable asset – your employees

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Insurance for Interior Plantscapers

Just what do we call it? Interior Landscaping? Interiorscaping? Plantscaping? Over the years as this business enterprise has grown and flourished, all of the above and more have been applied to the business of rental, set-up, and maintenance of living plant material indoors. As common as is the janitorial services provided in large office and retail buildings has become the plant maintenance operation.

Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits has been insuring the interior landscaping business from the very beginning of its existence. One of the first large scale plant rental companies happened to be owned by the family of one of the members of our board of directors. For a time, this was the largest such firm in operation in the US, and was eventually sold to an international corporation.

Being involved with a market leader from the very beginning gave Hortica deep insight into the operations, the insurance needs, and the risks of maintaining and installing plants indoors. Hortica responded to the needs of this new and growing business segment by developing new coverage offerings, by attending national trade conventions, and by analysis of the claims which were a natural consequence of the operations.

Whereas now, small offices , retail stores, and even some private residences contract this service. Initially, it was typically large offices, hospitals and shopping malls. One of the first unique exposures brought to the table is the fact that much of the plant material is owned by the contractor, not by the business where the plant material is located. Another major exposure presented was similar to janitorial service providers in the need for fidelity coverage of employees.

All service providers to large properties managed by real estate management firms have strict risk management departments which exist to reduce or manage the risk to the public. If there is water on the floor and someone slips, it must have been the plant maintenance person who did it. Over the years, Hortica has seen most every type of claim imaginable. We work with business owners to establish their own risk control techniques so that liability stays where it belongs. Daily and hourly logs of operations, sign-off by building employees, etc. have helped defend contractors against “blanket blame” for all slip and fall incidents.

There are giant operators in this industry, but we know that it is a good business for the small operator with 4-5 employees, a few valued accounts, and a passion for keeping the indoors green and beautiful. We want to be your business insurance partner, large, small or in between, we can handle it.

As the owner of a service business, you are used to the bidding process. You know your service is superior to the competition, you know you are worth a little more because of your attention to detail, your passion, your in-depth knowledge of what it takes to make a customer happy. You know all of these things, yet you buy insurance off the rack so to speak. Change that today, ask for a quote for your business package insurance, commercial automobile insurance, umbrella and workers compensation insurance needs.