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Whether you:

  • Provide landscape services or not
  • Grow plants or buy from others to resell
  • Operate from a traditional retail store or have extensive greenhouses and shadehouses

Let’s talk about protecting the growth of your garden center. A Hortica agent will guide you in designing a comprehensive plan to protect the solid business foundation you have built.

You’ll learn how we can provide protection for:

  • Property in the open, including plants
  • Seasonal variations in your inventory
  • Greenhouses
  • Your most valuable asset – your employees

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If you are an old hand at running a retail garden center, you are well versed at the issues of finding and paying for proper insurance coverage for your horticultural business.

If you are new at this, then you are learning every week, every month, and every year, what the pitfalls and answers are to finding appropriate insurance for garden centers.

Regardless of how long you have been at your garden center business, you probably haven’t seen it all. Fortunately, there is an insurance company that has spent many years insuring some of the largest, oldest, smallest, most progressive, simplest, and most innovative garden center businesses in the United States.

Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits is an insurance company that not only understands your risk issues, but we have answers to dealing with some of the most difficult of these issues. And though we haven’t seen it all, we have seen a lot, a lot we can help you understand better and deal with more effectively.

Every garden center business has business personal property, the inventory you sell to make a living. Every business is subject to losing the value of that inventory to fires, tornadoes, collapse from ice and snow, theft, vandalism, and wind or hail. Add some greenhouses to the mix of buildings on your property, and you have probably confounded your current insurance agent with how much the greenhouse is worth, what can happen to it, and where can it get repaired in case of damage.

Every garden center has employees. Not only must they be protected against injuries on the job, but they can be a source for claims against your business. Careless employees can leave hoses stretched across aisles and create trip and fall hazards for customers. An employee texting or talking while driving your commercial vehicles can be involved in an accident. Though difficult to consider, some employees will steal inventory or money from you. Some of the largest losses of money in small business situations come about from trusted employees “skimming from the til” in simple or elaborate schemes.

One of the most common claims against garden center insurance is property damage and bodily injury to customers and their property. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will, well-meaning employee helps customer load rose bushes into the rear of that nice SUV. The headliners in those vehicles are easily snagged by thorns, tearing the fabric, and requiring four figures minimum to make the repair.

The most common request for insurance for garden centers is the coverage needed that protects the public from bodily injury. Garden centers are not the best example of safe places to walk. Wet, uneven surfaces, stepping stones, branches, hanging baskets and seasonal displays all add to the “treacherous” walk in the park that a garden center tries to promote.

You try to attract customers to your garden center with your expertise, your product offering, and your competitive prices. Hortica is an insurance company that does the same; rely on our expertise in providing insurance solutions, innovative products and competitive prices for garden center insurance.