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Hortica understands that each customer’s insurance needs are unique. This is especially true when insuring the specialized structures utilized by horticultural industry businesses. A Hortica agent will help you design a customized insurance program that is consistent with your needs, desires and budget.


Hortica cut its teeth insuring greenhouses, and we remain the recognized industry leader more than 125 years later. We understand the insurance needs of growers better than anyone, and write specialized policies specifically designed to meet those needs.

Real Property coverage (which applies to both Buildings and Greenhouses) also covers the equipment contained in those structures including boilers, generators, coolers, benching systems, irrigation equipment, heat retention curtain systems and environmental control computers. Hortica understands how a loss to any of those systems could impact your ability to function — so we offer coverages and coverage options specifically designed to address those needs.

Hortica is recognized for exceptional claims service. We simply know more than any other insurance company about helping horticultural businesses get back on their feet quickly when a disaster occurs. That creates peace of mind for Hortica customers. For example, we know how devastating it would be to a grower who misses a crop cycle and we regularly go to great lengths to prevent that from happening. Our relationships with leading greenhouse repair firms and our knowledge of how and where to quickly obtain scarce replacement parts and supplies often help growers be back in business sooner than other insurance companies could even imagine.

Using Advanced Technology to Prevent Losses

Establishing proper insurance values is essential. Hortica excels in this area. Using pictometry, Hortica experts are able to quickly and accurately determine recommended insurance values.

Using thermography, Hortica experts locate hot spots within electrical panels or systems. The cause is frequently as simple as a loose electrical connection and the fix is often as easy as tightening a lug. We know that thermography helps prevent fires and has saved numerous Hortica customers the inconvenience of dealing with the after-effects of a major fire while helping help hold down insurance costs.
Using snow and wind load engineering, Hortica is able to accurately determine an accurate rate for each structure. Customers with superior structures enjoy lower insurance costs.

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Greenhouse Heat Requirement

Greenhouses are designed to withstand snow and ice loads only while heated. Generally accepted as good grower practice, Hortica’s policy require that greenhouses be heated to at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit for the 48 hours immediately prior to loss caused the weight of ice, snow or sleet. Our policy includes Power Interruption coverage on greenhouses which voids the heat requirement if the reason for inadequate heat is a power failure.

Other Structures

Hortica is a property insurance expert. Besides greenhouse we also cover buildings occupied as head houses, offices, warehouses, retail and wholesale stores, and many more.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown (once known as Boiler & Machinery Insurance) is an optional coverage that pays for damage resulting from an equipment breakdown. This coverage does not duplicate any other insurance. Equipment breakdown insurance responds when equipment is damaged by mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, artificially generated electrical currents, centrifugal force, or bulging, cracking or collapse of pressure vessels.

Examples of covered equipment include:

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration

  • Electrical equipment

  • Environmental control computers

  • Computer controlled machines

  • Ventilation systems

  • Generators

  • Boilers

  • Unit heaters

  • Motors and pumps

Other Real Property Coverage Options

  • Flood

  • Earthquake

  • Builders Risk

  • Mine Subsidence (not available in all states)

  • Water or Sewer Backup

Property Insurance Experts

Hortica is the property insurance expert for the horticultural industry. Your Hortica agent will help you establish insurance values and select coverages and deductibles that meet your needs and objectives. We will work with you to prevent losses, but when one occurs you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands.