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In business, it’s important for horticultural industry firms to keep the personal property they are responsible for both safe and well protected by a solid insurance program. Personal property insurance is typically written as a part of a Business Package Policy which offers numerous coverages and coverage options. Hortica agents stand ready to simply things for horticultural industry businesses by helping them select the coverage for their personal property that the provides exactly the protection they need at a cost they can afford.

Coverage is available for personal property of many types including:

  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Stock and inventory
  • Raw material
  • Computer equipment
  • Software media
  • Customers’ property
  • Consigned property
  • Property while away from your business premises
  • Antiques
  • Mobile phones and radios
  • Cameras and audio/visual equipment
  • Fine art

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Points to consider and questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the value of the personal property you are responsible for in your business? (including your personal property and personal property that belong to customers (such as an expensive vase brought to for an arrangement)

  • Does the value of your personal property fluctuate over the course of the year?

  • Does your personal property ever move between locations?

  • Do you have personal property located outside of buildings? If so, it that property subject to damage by wind or hail?

  • Do you store personal property at other locations such as warehouses?

  • Does your personal property include plants or other perishable items that are susceptible to temperature changes or lack of water?

  • Do you have exterior signage?

Coverage and coverage options:

  • Personal property may be insured based on either its Replacement Cost or its Actual Cash Value. Replacement Cost coverage pays the full cost (less your deductible) to replace lost or damaged personal property with similar new property without any deduction for depreciation. With Actual Cash Value coverage a depreciation factor is applied and the loss is adjusted based on the current value of the property.

Replacement Cost coverage is most common valuation option.

  • Personal property may be insured either for Special or Standard perils. Special coverage insures property for caused by all perils except those that are specifically excluded. Examples of excluded losses include Flood and Earthquake.

Special form is most common.

  • Standard Form coverage provides protection for perils that are specifically listed including:

    • Fire

    • Lightning

    • Smoke

    • Aircraft

    • Vehicles

    • Sinkhole collapse

    • Volcanic action

    • Windstorm or hail

    • Explosion

    • Riot or civil commotion

    • Sonic boom

    • Weight of ice, snow or sleet

    • Vandalism

    • Sprinkler leakage

    • Falling objects

  • Coverage options include:

    • Flood

    • Earthquake

    • Equipment breakdown

    • Power interruption

    • Water interruption

    • Terrorism

We understand that a lot goes into running a business. If anything should happen that destroys any part of your hard work, those parts should be replaced quickly and according to the according to the valuation option you selected. We want to help you protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build and accomplish in your business. Whatever needs you may have regarding personal property insurance we want to help tailor the perfect plan to meet those needs.