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Do you ever fear that your business won’t survive a disaster? Well, fear no more. Hortica knows how to help you and your business stay afloat. Agents at Hortica are here to assist you with Business Interruption insurance to save the day in case your business must temporarily close due to a covered loss.

There are many unpredictable situations that could cause a business to close temporarily. Causes of business interruptions include:

  • Fire
  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Vandalism
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Greenhouse collapse
  • Power interruption
  • Water interruption
  • Communication interruption

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What is covered?

  • Profits – Profits your business would have earned while it is temporarily closed due to a covered loss. Claims are paid based on business trends and your financial records.

  • Civil Authority – Business Interruption losses that occur when Civil Authorities block access to your business due to a physical loss to property at some other location.

  • Continuing Expenses – Continuing normal operating expenses you must pay, including payroll. Will your bank wait until you are back in business to receive their next payment? Could you replace your head grower if you couldn’t maintain his/her salary while you rebuild? Continuing Expense coverage can solve these dilemmas.

  • Extra Expenses – Expenses incurred to avoid or minimize your loss, for example the costs associated with establishing a temporary location.

Points to consider:

  • If your company had to temporarily close how much revenue and profits would you lose each week?

  • Does your business require expensive equipment such as boilers and coolers to operate? If so you should consider Business Interruption coverage for Equipment Breakdown.

  • If you are a greenhouse grower, how long would it take you to produce a crop to sell after your greenhouses are repaired or rebuilt? Can you afford to be without income for that period? A Hortica agent can design Business Interruption insurance to cover that exposure.

Every business is different. Hortica agents have tools to help you select Business Interruption coverage that works for you. Having property insurance to rebuild destroyed buildings and greenhouses is a great start, but what if your business can’t survive the time it takes to rebuild? And if you are a grower, the time it takes to grow a crop to maturity? Business Interruption insurance from Hortica is the answer.