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Mother Nature can be very unpredictable in some cases and weather conditions vary from location to location. One of the most unpredictable and rare occurrences, in some areas, are earthquakes. Although big earthquakes are fairly rare in many areas as to when or where they will happen, but it is best to be prepared for the Mother Nature’s worst and stay protected.

Earthquake insurance covers damage resulting from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Cover can be purchased for real property, personal property and business interruption.

Earthquakes don’t just happen in California, although that is a common area for occurrences – they can happen anywhere. The U.S. Geological Survey states that earthquakes can pose a problem for 75 million United States citizens in 42 states. Nearly 20,000 earthquakes happen each year around the world. As this may seem impossible, not all earthquakes shake things up. The earth shifts constantly, but if it shifts just right, it can be a game changer.

There are different levels of shaking that an earthquake can produce. The magnitude of an earthquake plays all the difference in how much damage can be caused to a home or business. Such as a 7.0, according to the Moment Magnitude Scale is classified as “major” and cause a more violent “up- and- down” movement to the earth, possibly causing more damage to what lies above the base of the quake.

Points and questions to consider:

  • Can you afford the possible losses due to an earthquake?
  • How would you pay for temporary relocation of your business?
  • Is your business located in an earthquake prone area?
  • What materials were used to build your company building?
  • How stable is the foundation of the building?
  • How old is the building?
  • What would the cost be for rebuilding and replacing?
  • If an earthquake occurs in the United States, in a heavily populated area, the costs are estimated to as much as $200 billion in losses and repairs

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At Hortica, we will help you choose the right policy to assist you with the repairs in the rare, but serious event of your business being affected by an earthquake.

Earthquake damage is not covered under a traditional business, or even homeowner insurance policy. An earthquake may shake up your business and your life, but as a trusted insurance company, we will help keep your finances in line.

Earthquake insurance covers damage caused by:

  • Earthquakes

  • Mudslides

  • Sinkholes

  • Mudflows

  • Volcanic eruptions

For the future, there are other safety precautions you and your employees can take to be prepared and aware, in more than one way of what to do in the event of an earthquake. Our agents are here to offer their expertise on how to handle severe weather and nature conditions.

One earthquake can be enough to have the population of that area of deep concern. There is always a question of “when will the next one hit?” and “what if the next one is worse?” At times, an earthquake, when it happens in just the right spot, can cause the most fatal damages and more trouble than anticipated.

For many people, earthquake insurance is the farthest thing in mind, but at times, depending on the location of your business, it is recommended to at least consider the options. At Hortica, our mission is to make sure your company stands strong in all situations.