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Hortica understands the unique risks and needs of today’s horticultural industry businesses. As a value-added benefit, we provide effective loss control and safety programs to ensure the safe and profitable operation of your business.

Loss prevention is the elimination or reduction of hazardous conditions with the goal of preventing losses. This is most often accomplished through inspections, accident investigation, engineering efforts and training. As a trusted business partner Hortica stands ready to help you create a loss control plan that works for your business and your employees.

Loss prevention includes efforts not only to reduce losses to company property but to reduce workplace injuries as well. Injuries due to unsafe working environments and lack of employee education about the environment often play a large role in successfully managing a business and keeping every employee safe. With Hortica, we will examine your previous loss history, understand the safety programs your company currently has in place and assist you in identifying workplace hazards. Based on these evaluations we will help you with modifying existing programs or developing new programs designed to reduce property, workers compensation, auto and liability losses.

Points to consider:

  • Are your employees properly trained in loss prevention?
  • Are you aware of your business’ risk potential?
  • Do you have property risk mitigation procedures in place?
  • Are you familiar with industry standard changes, approaches to safety management and loss control techniques?

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Hortica Loss Control Services Include:

  • On-site consultation services including

    • Help with the development of a workplace injury and accident prevention plan

    • Identification of potential loss causes.

  • On-site thermographic inspections to prevent fires by identifying hot spots in electrical systems (The fix is often simple, but the impact can be huge)

  • Analysis of historical claims data

  • Review of existing safety programs

  • Assistance with safety training on topics including:

    • Forklift safety

    • Safe lifting

    • Driving safety

    • Chemical safety

    • Prevention of slips and falls

  • Training materials

    • Safety checklists

    • Safety program templates

    • Safety labels and posters

    • Video loan library

Hortica offers customers Tailgate Training Programs (many of which are bilingual) including:

  • Back safety

  • Bloodborne pathogens

  • Confined space entry

  • Defensive Driving

  • DOT compliance

  • Electrical safety

  • Equipment theft

  • Fire safety

  • Forklift safety

  • Frontend loader safety

  • Greenhouse safety

  • Hazard communication

  • Hearing protection

  • Loading and hauling

  • Lock Out/Tag Out

  • Machine Guarding

  • NFPA basics

  • OSHA Inspections

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Safety Committee Training

  • Worker Protection Standard

Employment Practices Liability resources available to EPLI customers:

  • Model workplace forms and policies including Employment Applications, Reprimand Forms and Model HR Handbook

  • Web-based training on preventing discrimination, harassment and other employment claims

  • Library of workplace-related articles and self-audit checklists

  • Links to Federal and State employment law resources

  • Free legal hotline to a highly respected employment law firm to connect you to an attorney who can provide proactive and practical information about employment law

Losses are common and can occur at any time. Because excessive losses can have an adverse impact on a company’s insurance costs loss prevention is key. Hortica’s Loss Control department has many resources available to support your efforts to maintain a safe (and profitable) workplace. Hortica will help you reduce the frequency and severity of losses and control your insurance costs. Contact a Hortica agent to learn more.