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Hortica’s business insurance was created to make sure that horticultural businesses are protected against hazards that could threaten their survival. As a 128 year old business ourselves, we understand the challenges of dealing with uncertainty and offer customized insurance solutions that provide customers with protection and peace of mind.

Commercial General Liability, written as a part of our Business Package Policy, provides a legal defense when our customers face claims involving injuries and property damage and provides them with protection for judgments when they are responsible for causing property damage and bodily injury.

Commercial General Liability Coverages and Coverage Options include:

  • Bodily injury to others for which you are legally responsible
  • Property damage to property of others for which you are legally responsible
  • Products liability and completed operations, for bodily injury or property damage caused by your product or your work
  • Personal and advertising injury liability
  • Chemical drift (when you spray on your property but the spray drifts and injures people or damages property at another location
  • Transportation of farm chemicals by mobile equipment
  • Liquor liability (for florists who include alcohol in arrangements)
  • Pesticide and herbicide applicators coverage (for firms that spray on property owned by others)
  • Medical payments, which may be paid even when no legal liability exists

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Other entities such as your customers and landlords may ask to be named as Additional Insureds on your Commercial General Liability Insurance. These requests may be handled either individually or collectively with a Blanket Additional Insured endorsement.

Hortica wants to protect you and your business so you can focus on doing the work and making the hard decisions necessary to be successful. Rates and coverages may depend on your location, your business and your volume, but your Hortica agent can help you select the liability coverages that are best for you and your business.

Hortica has a variety of optional liability coverages available with an assortment of tailored benefits that will protect you and your business. As your agent about and consider other types of specialized liability coverages you may need.

Other liability coverages:

  • Employee Benefits Liability

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Foreign Liability

  • Directors and Officers Liability

  • Fiduciary Liability

  • Environmental Impairment Liability (Pollution)

  • Professional Liability (Errors or Omissions)

  • Cyber Liability

  • Excess (Umbrella) Liability

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