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Ask anyone who lives in the suburbs, landscaping and lawn care is an ongoing, and sometimes unspoken, competition between neighbors. What a person’s property looks like on the outside may be incredibly important to them. If a competitive person hires a service to help them make their property beautiful, nothing short of perfect is what is expected.

Nonetheless, we are all human and make mistakes- even the professionals. That is why it is important for a business owner to be covered by Errors & Omissions insurance in the event of a mistake. At Hortica, we offer coverage that is available to firms that provide landscape designs and horticultural consulting services including landscape designers, full service landscape firms, horticultural consultants, arborists, landscape project management firms and others. Errors and omissions insurance covers design or consulting errors. Defense expenses are included within the quoted limit.

Coverage is highly recommended if your company:

  • Provides a professional service
  • Regularly provides advice or consulting
  • If it is required by clients to have error and omissions insurance

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Coverage includes:

  • Alleged or actual negligence

  • Defense costs- whether it is a win or lose situation

  • Worldwide errors and omissions insurance coverage

  • Work done by both full-time and temporary staff (Your employees are covered as well)

  • Work done by independent contractors (Coverage protects you, but not your independent contractors)

  • Subject to the retroactive date specified in your policy, claims arising from services provided in the past

Commercial general liability does not provide E&O insurance. Therefore, it is crucial to take inventory of what kind of insurance coverage your business needs and what kind of insurance you might already have. No two landscaping or horticultural companies are the same. That is why our agents are able to help you adjust our policies to better fit your needs as a business owner.

No matter how much experience a company has, it isn’t about numbers, it’s about results. Mistakes happen and they can be costly for the client, which may result in a costly problem for you and your business. At Hortica, we understand the value of a beautiful lawn and landscape, but we also understand the pressure that is put on a business to succeed and make customers happy can be very extreme.

Examples of Landscape Design Errors & Omissions Claims

  • A landscape plan calls for plants with particularly invasive roots that invade and damage a septic system.

  • A landscape plan specifies plants with a tall habit that grow to block the view at an intersection and an accident results.

  • A landscape plan includes changes to the grade that result in water running into a neighbor’s basement.

  • A landscape design includes equipment specified by the designer that results in an injury. (Designers that specify equipment are at risk for an E & O claim.)

Your company’s survival depends on guarding your business and financial security with the right kind of insurance policy for many different situations. Our agents here at Hortica are here to assist you and your business in finding the perfect coverage in case of a mistake. As a business person in the wide world of landscaping and horticulture, you know the smallest of mistakes can have consequences affecting the customer and their opinion in the greatest way. Our agents at Hortica are trained to help you customize the best coverage for you and your business.