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When dealing with employee benefits, the administration of those plans can be tricky and complicated water to tread. At Hortica, our agents are here to help protect your company should you make errors with the administration of your employee benefit plans.

Good employees are a very crucial puzzle piece to your business to make it run properly. Whether you have two employees or two hundred, every hand is important in maintaining a growing business.

At Hortica, we want to help you in any way we can. Take for example: you hire a new office associate and time flies while you explaining the layout of the office, introducing them to everyone, and educating them on office rules and regulations. The day is gone just like that and you have forgotten to advise the new member of your team about their benefit options with the company. Time just gets away from the both of you because of the busy schedule and the excitement of starting a new job. Before anyone gets a chance to think about talking about benefits, on their way to work, that employee gets into a serious car accident injuring her. But since she has no health insurance, here comes a lawsuit right towards you because she was not aware of her benefits and insurance options.

In a case like this, we want to make sure you are protected. All in all, it was an honest mistake to let time pass by. It happens to the best of us, but here at Hortica, we want to help you become educated on how to advise your associates about their options, so the chances of a lawsuit become smaller and smaller.

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance includes the losses resulting from errors in the administration of employee benefit plans, such as health insurance or retirement plans. It also provides for the cost to defend lawsuits whether valid or not.

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These employee benefits include:

  • Insurance: life, health, accident, dental, medical, etc.

  • Plans: pension, profit sharing, stock ownership and savings

  • Benefits: social security, workers compensation, disability and unemployment

  • Other: tuition assistance for students, maternity and medical leave, etc.

The need for employee benefits liability varies depending on the number of employees and benefits provided to them. Although it is not a requirement to have this type of insurance, some points to think about while considering benefits liability insurance are:

  • Do you provide your employees with any type of insurance or benefits?

  • Do you have a plan, as an employer, if you are faced with a lawsuit that has to do with employee benefits?

  • How well are your employees covered under the business?

  • Are your employees educated on the different insurance and benefits options they have?

  • Are you prepared to advise and educate your employees on their insurance and benefits?

While, it is not required to have employee benefits liability insurance, like all things while running a business, it is important to stay educated on your employee privileges and rights as well as your own.