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Kidnap and ransom is a serious threat and can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. In the business world, the most vulnerable companies are the ones whose employees travel overseas; especially those of large corporations of whom work with immense amounts of money and deal with sensitive company information.

At Hortica, we want to make certain that you and your employees are covered if put into such a serious situation as being kidnapped. Our kidnap and ransom policy is typically designed for firms with employees traveling to other countries. This policy helps manage the costs associated with an extortion threat. Equally important, is your access to crisis management expertise to help negotiate a kidnapped employee`s safe return home.

The typical goal of kidnapping is for the kidnapper to get something out of the situation. Such as:

  • Send the public/ government a message
  • Attention seeking
  • Desire of money
  • Human trafficking
  • Etc.

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Therefore, companies should be aware, educated and prepared for:

  • Threats: kill or injure, vandalism, leaking of sensitive or confidential information

  • Extortions

  • Hijacks

  • Disappearance of employees

  • Hostage situations

  • Unlawful captivity by foreign government

  • Security related evacuations

  • Individuals claimed persona non grata

  • Express kidnapping

Even though kidnapping is typically targeted towards larger corporations, no matter the size of the company, it is important to stay covered and expect the unexpected, especially if you take your business outside of the United States.

In the most recent years following 9/11, kidnapping and ransom has continued to become somewhat of a global business in some parts of the world. Some estimates have reached, and still on the rise, to nearly 30,000 incidents occurring each year since 2011.

As important as a business and their reputation is, the life of the employee or employees matter most of all. We are here to help in any way we can to make a difference in the kidnapped person`s life, following their return as well as for the business, even in the tragic event of no return at all.

Our coverage options include:

  • Ransom money- money paid/ lost during time of kidnapping

  • Judgments and legal liability- resulting cost from a claim against the insured

  • Transit deliveries- loss caused by confiscation, destruction, disappearance, etc. or ransom money being delivered

  • Accidental death/ dismemberment- bodily injury accident or death occurred during time of kidnapping

  • Salary replacement

  • Rest and rehabilitation expenses such as: medical costs, counseling, etc.

  • Personal accident

  • Extortion for ransom

There may even be an incident where no ransom money is required, but there are still costs to be paid that can have a serious impact of a business` finances. That is where Hortica comes in. Employees are the future of the company, so keeping them safe is crucial to company growth and success.

The stress of possible types of threats can be incredibly overwhelming and difficult to deal with in all aspects of the situation, but we will protect you, your employees, and your business in the event of such a serious threat.