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The road is an unpredictable and dangerous place that can put a great deal of stress on a business owner who’s employees transport materials or drive company vehicles. At Hortica, we want to make sure to send your employees out on the open road with the coverage that is right for your business and that gives you and your employees maximum protection in those unpredictable situations.

Factors that influence the cost of Business Auto insurance include:

  • The year, make, model, weight, cost, use and radius of operations of your vehicles
  • Claims you filed in the past
  • Your drivers and their driving records

Businesses can help minimize their insurance costs. “Best practices” for managing a company’s business auto risks include:

  • Choose drivers carefully by verifying their Motor Vehicle Reports before making hiring decisions. Drivers with multiple tickets or accidents are far more likely to be involved in another accident.
  • Do not allow drivers to use hand-held phones or similar devices while driving.
  • Verify coverage when relying on a Personal Auto Policy to cover a vehicle used for business purposes, especially those used to make deliveries. Most personal insurance excludes business use. This applies to contract drivers as well.
  • Insurance costs are linked to the size of the deductible. Consider a higher deductible to reduce costs.

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Although business auto insurance is required in most states, it is very important to keep the vehicle and anyone or anything in it safe. That being said, even if a business does not have a company vehicle or typically does not use a vehicle for the business, it is recommended to look into business auto if you rent vehicles or allow employees to drive their personal vehicles on company business.

A firm needs Business Auto coverage if:

  • The business owns, rents, or leases any kind of vehicle

  • Employees drive their own vehicles for business purposes

  • You and/or the employees drive company cars for business and personal purposes

Points to consider and questions to ask yourself:

  • How many drivers and vehicles need coverage?

  • How for from their garaging location do your vehicles travel?

  • What kind of vehicles (of different sizes and models) does your company have?

These questions will help you and your Hortica agent determine what kind of policy will fit your business` specific needs. Our agents at Hortica will assist you in taking inventory of your business and what kind of policy will protect you, your employees and the vehicles the best.

Coverage options include:

  • Bodily injuries liability: coverage for injuries or death of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians if you or your employee driver is held responsible

  • Property damage liability: cover damage to someone else`s property if you or your employee driver is held responsible

  • Comprehensive coverage: covers damage to vehicles caused by something other than a collision (such as fire, theft, glass breakage, hail, and flood)

  • Collision coverage: covers damage to your vehicle when you hit (or are hit by) another vehicle or if your vehicle collides with a fixed object

  • Uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage: covers expenses that would have been paid by the at-fault driver had that driver carried adequate insurance

  • Medical payments coverage: covers medical expenses of passengers in your vehicle who are injured in an accident

No matter who or what is in your business vehicle while it is on the road, our agents at Hortica want to help keep them safe, no matter what the situation is. We want to help your business to keep moving forward on the business road, as unpredictable as it can be.