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You worked hard to make your business a successful enterprise. That’s why Hortica offers a comprehensive suite of business insurance products to protect not only your investments in time and money, but the future of your company as well.


Hortica offers specialized property insurance to cover buildings, greenhouses, equipment (permanently installed and mobile), fixtures and stock, including growing crops. Business interruption insurance is available to cover losses resulting from your inability to produce or sell your product due to a covered loss. Business Interruption insurance may also be written to include losses due to the interruption of power or communication services.

Due to the perishable nature for floral and horticultural products, spoilage coverage is of paramount concern. Hortica offers coverage options that protect against the loss of perishable products due to equipment breakdown or power failure. For completed floral designs the cost of design labor is also

Coverage extensions embedded in the Hortica Business Package Policy include coverage for:

  • Debris removal
  • Costs associated with complying with building laws and ordinances after a covered loss
  • Loss of rental income
  • Exterior signs
  • Property temporarily at other locations such as while at trade shows or exhibitions
  • Seasonal variations in personal property values such as during peak holiday periods

Crime insurance covers losses resulting from dishonest acts, including those of employees.

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Other property insurance coverages include:

Flood – More than a quarter of flood losses occur at locations not located in recognized flood zones. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides basic coverage. Higher limits may be coordinated through private commercial insurers.

Earthquake – Earthquake insurance provides coverage for damage resulting from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Coverage is available for Real Property (including Greenhouses with rigid walls), Personal Property and Business Interruption.

Equipment Breakdown – Provides coverage for the cost to repair or replace equipment (including boilers, generators, coolers, and electrical panels) damaged by breakdowns as defined by the policy. Coverage for spoilage of perishable goods resulting from the breakdown of coverage equipment is also included.


Hortica offers Commercial General Liability insurance that provides protection for liability suits or claims arising from accidents on your premises or related to operations you performed for customer at their locations such as landscaping or lawn maintenance. Products liability provides coverage for claims arising from products produced, sold or serviced by your business that cause bodily injury or property damage. Personal Injury coverage applies to allegations of libel, slander and invasion of privacy. Advertising Injury liability applies to allegations of misappropriation of advertising ideas.

Available optional liability coverages include:

Employee Benefits Liability – Protection from claims alleging errors in the administration of employee benefit plans such as health insurance or retirement plans. Coverage includes the cost to defend lawsuits whether the allegations or valid or not.

Landscape Design Errors & Omissions – Available to firms that provide landscape design services, this coverage covers claims arising from design or consulting errors. Defense expenses are include within the limit of insurance.

Executive Risk Coverages

Employment Practices Liability – Protection from wrongful employment acts such as wrongful discharge or allegations of sexual harassment. Coverage included within the limit of insurance for costs to defend lawsuits whether the allegations or valid or not.

Directors and Officers – Sometimes referred to as malpractice insurance for Directors and Officers, this coverage protects the assets of the leaders of companies who can be held personally liable for the decisions they make.

Fiduciary Liability – Covers losses resulting from errors, omissions or breaches of fiduciary responsibility. This coverage protects those who make decisions regarding their company’s 401(k) plans or other qualified employee benefit plans.

Kidnap and Ransom – For firms with employees traveling to other countries for business. In addition to managing the costs associated with an extortion threat, K & R coverage provides crisis management expertise to help negotiate the safe return of a kidnapped employee.

Cyber Liability – Protection from claims resulting from the unintended release of confidential information including names, address, and credit card data.

Business Auto

Business Auto coverage provides protection for losses to or caused by company vehicles. Coverage may be written to include liability for hired (rented) and non-owned vehicles. Coverage for damage to vehicles you rent may also be included. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Coverage protects occupants of vehicles injured by other drivers with little or no insurance.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance provides statutory benefits to employees injured while in the course of employment including medical expenses and lost wages.

Umbrella Liability

Umbrella Liability insurance provides an additional layer of protection for catastrophic losses that exceed the limits of insurance provided by Business Auto, General Liability and the Employers’ Liability coverage of Workers Compensation insurance. Umbrella limits of $1,000,000 up to $10,000,000 or more are available.


Bonds ranging from simple License and Permit Bonds through Court Bonds and Contract Bonds are available to meet your complete bonding needs. A streamlined approach to contract bonds makes it possible for us to obtain quick approval for many Bid and Performance Bonds based on a favorable credit score.