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Preparing for Employee Reviews

khgIt’s that time of year again: the dreaded performance review! This is something that typically falls under the category of least favorite task for managers. Because of this and other work demands, it is easy to put off, rush through, or even avoid evaluations altogether. To alleviate some of the stress, and bring about positive change this year follow these tips to make annual reviews a breeze!

Review regularly.  As a manager, you should check in with your staff regularly to have casual conversations about general performance and current progress. This way, your employees know how they are doing at all times.

Outline your agenda for the meeting. Prepare everything before sitting down with the employee. Decide both what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. This allows the employee to come to the meeting equally prepared.

Bring supporting documents. To help guide the conversation, bring notes or documents accumulated during the year—feedback from customers or coworkers, and documents showing the employee’s achievements throughout the year.

Don’t close the review until you’re both on the same page. A performance review should end with a list of goals for the employee to work towards, and a list of goals for how you will provide support to that employee to reach those goals. This will ensure you reach a mutual understanding of what’s expected moving forward.

Don’t bring up any surprises. Nothing should be a surprise to the employee during the actual performance appraisal.  All major issues should be addressed as soon as they occur.

Ask for feedback. At the end of your review, ask your employees how you as a manger could improve.  This will help you determine if there are management styles or strategies that need revising.

A well-executed annual review is critical to the development of each contributing member on your team. Follow the above tips so each member of your team leaves the meeting feeling motivated and excited about his or her job.